Take a Car Valeting Course!

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If you are a car valeter looking to broaden your industry knowledge, a newbie who wants to get a foot on the detailing career ladder, or just a good old-fashioned car care enthusiast, then our car valeting courses are just the ticket!

Build a Foundation

Everybody has to start somewhere when it comes to car valeting courses and our foundation course is designed for beginners to get a grasp of the key techniques. Our experienced and trained car detailers will take you through the basics, outlining which products to use, how to use them effectively, and give you hands-on experience of doing so. Covering how to safely wash, decontamination, engine bay cleaning, machine, and hand polishing, and vehicle protection, this one-day course gives candidates a good foundation of knowledge to start them in a career.

Take it Up a Notch

Those who already have the basics qualification or have some industry experience may wish to enrol in our intermediate car valeting course, which dives a little deeper into detailing techniques and theory. This course covers lighting solutions, pad selection for machine polishing, types of paint, defect identification and protection application, taking knowledge to the next level. Taking place over 2-3 courses this is an ideal option for those wanting to progress in their valeting careers.

Advance Your Knowledge

The third and final level we offer comes in the form of our advanced car detailing course. Covering wheel removal, cleaning, polishing and sealing, paint and substrate types, machine polishing, and the compound selection, this course advances far beyond the methodology. Those who complete this course will have an advanced knowledge of car valeting and will have obtained one of the most prestigious qualifications to prove it.