The new Ceramic Shield Range by Autobrite Direct

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Here at Autobrite Direct, we have long been asked for a ceramic product to add to our wide range of quality detailing products. Our ethos has always been to provide good value products that are easy to use and thus suitable for enthusiasts and professionals alike, we believe we now have a range of products that combine the value and ease of use that our customers expect with the benefits of the new breed of Ceramic based detailing products.

Welcome to Ceramic Shield from Autobrite Direct. Ceramic Shield is our new family of ceramic-infused products designed with the enthusiast in mind. After an exhaustive testing process using the latest technology in ceramics, we have arrived at a group of products that will give you the perks of a ceramic product without the work involved in applying a dedicated ceramic coating. The Ceramic Shield family of products makes cleaning, maintaining, and protecting your vehicle easier than ever!

All the team at Autobrite direct have put their heart and soul into developing this new range of products and the results speak for themselves.

The range currently consists of 3 ceramic-based products.


Ceramic-infused shampoo.

Ceramic infused shampoo has been created using a combination of effective cleaning agents combined with ceramic polymers that bond with the surface of the vehicle to give a dramatic slickness and hydrophobic effect after just one use whilst also improving colour brightness and depth of gloss. Ceramic will work to add a layer of protection to previously unprotected paint or when used as a maintenance product will boost the protective properties of a previously applied wax, sealant, or ceramic coating.

Magiseal ceramic foam lance sealant.

MagiSeal foam lance coating is a water-based ceramic infused product specially formulated for high-pressure application using a foam lance. This product will add a durable layer of protection and hydrophobicity to your vehicle’s paintwork. Spray, Rinse, Dry it’s as easy as that! 500ml

MagiSeal can be used on a vehicle with no protection as a stand-alone product or as part of a maintenance regime using other Ceramic shield products.


Ceramic ultra spray wax.

Ceramic Shield Ultra Hybrid Wax is suitable for all paint types, exterior plastic trims, and exterior rubber surfaces. It provides a slick glossy feel, incredible water behaviour, and a deep wet-look shine and provides a durable protective layer once cured.


All of these products are great as a stand-alone product or even as maintenance products for previously applied ceramic coatings but they really come into their own when used as part of the Ceramic shield family.

We hope you enjoy using these products as much as we enjoyed developing them! To check out the ceramic shield range click here!

Ceramic Shield Ultra Spray Wax 500ml

Ceramic Shield Magiseal

Ceramic Infused Shampoo 500ml