The Three P’s of Protection!

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We might be preaching to the choir when it comes to discussing the importance of protecting a newly detailed vehicle, but the message is an important one that we can’t sing about enough! After spending hours labouring over a vehicle, getting it looking it’s absolute best, to walk away after the drying stage is to do it an injustice. Applying the 3 P’s of protection will help to arm your vehicle against surface damage, reduce the appearance of scratches and marks and boost the overall aesthetics!


Polishing a car either by hand or machine is an extremely important process, particularly for older cars that may have visible marks or scratches. It can also be beneficial for newer vehicles as applying a car polish can help to remove any product build-up from washing, swirl marks from rinsing or watermarks from drying, ensuring an attractive and even clean. Choose a car polish and apply to your machine pad or a cloth and lightly buff away at the paint. The abrasives in the polish will remove a very minute layer of paint, which helps to even the surface and reduce the appearance of marks.


Applying a wax or sealant to form a protective barrier over the paint that will reduce the amount of dirt and grime that sticks to the car and will protect against UV rays and scratches. Waxes and sealants come in many forms including solid waxes, liquids and even creams are applied by hand, working the solution into the surface of the car before being buffed off. With this protective layer taking  the brunt when it comes to contaminants such as bird lime, brake dust and sunshine, the paint underneath remains intact and is less likely to suffer irreversible damage.

Pristine Finish

Finishing refers to any technique and product that is applied at the very end of the detailing process, such as dressing of fabrics, finishing sprays, sealants or coatings. These car detailing products work by either enhancing the appearance of a car or adding another layer of protection against the elements.