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Autobrite Direct Valeting Services - Stoke-on-trent, Staffordshire & Cheshire Valeting.

Here at Autobrite Direct we also cater for all your Valeting requirements too. When it comes to looking after your car you need to keep it looking its best at all times and makes perfect sense to have it valeted on a regular basis, you can rest assure that your car will receive our undivided attention at all times to get the best possible finish. Now we offer a valeting service for your car to keep it looking its best throughout the year.

With our purpose made Valeting and Detailing studio based in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire we have the facilities of a dry, and safe studio with optimum lighting and ramp equipment also. Worried about your car whilst it's in our possession? No problem, we are fully insured with the state of the art remote security system and we also have full monitored CCTV too so you can rest assured that your pride and joy is in our safe hands.

All Valets are carried using our range of Autobrite Car Care Products to give your car the best finish possible.

Please see our valeting package details below. All prices and durations are subject to the size, condition and level of soiling of the vehicle.

Interior Valeting

Our interior valeting package will leave the inside of your car looking and smelling like new! We will remove any unwanted rubbish, and clean away and light soiling and dust. Please ensure you remove any personal effects from the car prior to leaving it with us.

🛒 from £40 - 🕐 from 1.5 hours

  • All rubbish removed from ashtrays and all rubbish removed from car.
  • All interior vinyl and plastic surfaces will be safely cleaned.
  • All interior plastic surfaces will be dressed and protected with with a natural, satin or gloss dressing.
  • Clean interior glass
  • Light surface clean on fabric, leather or alcantara seats
  • All interior fabric surfaces including seats, roof lining, door cards, carpets, boot carpets cleaned via our professional dry vac system
  • All rubber and fabric mats cleaned and dressed
  • Complimentary air freshener is added to finish
  • Complimentary paper floor matt added
  • Final inspection to make sure your car meets our high standards

Additional Options

  • Deep clean & condition leather seats & trim - from £15
  • Dog hair removal - price upon inspection
  • Heavy stain removal - price upon inspection

Exterior Valeting

A thorough exterior wash that will remove all surface dirt and grime, followed by a hand polish to restore gloss and shine, finished off with a luxury protective sealant to ensure that the finish lasts for months!

🛒 from £70 - 🕐 from 3 hours

  • All wheels cleaned with Britegel a PH neutral wheel cleaner to remove baked on brake dust and remove contamination spots.
  • Citrus pre-wash used on lower body panels to loosen and remove surface grime and traffic film.
  • Wheels and lower body panels treated with our fallout remover to remove embedded bonded contaminants.
  • Warm Power Rinse to remove the dirt.
  • Warm Pre-Wash Snow Foam bath applied to the car with our popular safe pre wash foaming agent PH Neutral Magifoam via our Autobrite HD Foam lance for best results.
  • Magifoam will encapsulate the dirt particles and safely remove them.
  • Warm Power Rinse to remove the foam covering.
  • Safe 2 bucket and grate washing system used with a PH Neutral foaming shampoo and a luxury Lambswool wash mitt for safe and effective cleaning.
  • Warm Power Rinse to remove the foam wash.
  • Hand dried with a combination of warm filtered air and a 'Deep Pile' Microfibre drying towel to ensure a safe, scratchless finish.
  • Paintwork checked under interior lighting for optimum cleaning.
  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned.
  • Cherry Glaze all in one polish is applied to rejuvenate the paint surface and to restore gloss.
  • Durable paintwork protection sealant Ultraslick is applied to the paintwork to give gloss and clarity and also give protection for up to 4 months.
  • A layer of our Project 64 spray sealant/gloss enhancer is applied for extra gloss and depth of shine.
  • All tyre surfaces treated with a high gloss or satin protected finish.
  • All exterior trim surfaces protected/dressed.
  • Final inspection to make sure your car meets our high standards.

Additional Options

  • Wax Upgrade: Autograph/Blendz wax or Abyss luxury sealant applied by hand, cured then buffed off to leave additional gloss and protection - from £25 & additional time required
  • Repel Windscreen Sealant: A durable glass sealant is applied to the windscreen surface to give protection from the weather elements for up to 4 months.- from £10

Full Gold Valet

A combination of both our exterior and interior valeting packages, the ultimate in valeting packages to ensure that your car is spotless both outside and inside!

🛒 from £100
🕐 from 4.5 hours