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Valeting & Detailing - Tuition

Valeting and detailing with autobrite direct

Welcome To The Autobrite Valeting & Detailing Training Information Page

Professional Valeting Training “Back to Basics”.


A professional approach to the valeting your vehicle to which instantly benefits you back in more ways than one..

Autobrite Direct are proud to provide to you a detailed course run by professional valeters trained in the cosmetic preparation, renovation and maintenance of new and used motor vehicles. A comprehensive day’s course, held at Autobrite Direct head office, provides practical knowledge of up-to-date techniques and the use of a full range of products used in safely preparing new and used vehicles to showroom standards.The training incorporates a practical progression through all the valeting processes, under the close supervision from a fully experienced instructor..

Autobrite Direct are happy to answer technical queries during the day. This course is available to the public, clubs, forums, or just a group of friend looking to keep their cars clean to a high standard.

If you are looking to start a career within valeting or detailing we also accommodate this – please read below for details.

For further information on the topics and dates. click here..

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Whether you require enthusiast beginners Car Care training, Intermediate Mobile Valeting or Static Car Wash training, advanced Detailing and Machine Polishing Correction or simply a tailor made training package to suit your needs, Autobrite Direct can accommodate a professional and safe training package to better your skills in Car Care. You’ll also learn the tips, tricks and secrets of professional instructors enabling you to work more effectively and more efficiently. We have a training package for you and our courses can benefit anyone, We are here to help! Discuss with us what you require in your training program and we will endeavour to teach you to the best of our ability.

All of our the training courses are held at The Autobrite Car Care Centre in Fenton, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, where is located just off the M6 Junction 15 (approx 10 minutes away) or minutes from the A50. We have ample parking and our classes run from Monday-Friday 10am until 4pm and Saturday 9am until 2pm. There is local Bed & Breakfast within a 5 mile radius of Autobrite and our main town Hanley, so you don’t have to go far to eat or sleep.

autobrite direct training

Why choose Car Care training at Autobrite?

Autobrite Direct are now recognized to be one of the most thorough and informative Car Care Training centres in the UK with over 20 years experience in the trade we offer professional and “hands on” quality training for our clients offering them to take their skills into the next level , bettering their confidence levels and aiming to reach their goals. We have a quality selection of instructors who have been involved in Valeting & Detailing for many years who have had the experience in their own businesses, so putting that into perspective we have had the experience in the Valeting trade, running a business – the day to day operation, business advice, product information and targeting potential clients and turning their car/s into something quite spectacular, we know Car Care! Valeting & Detailing does not have to sound difficult, we make it easier and simple for you to understand the most effective way of cleaning a car, the right way and less confusing. For over 5 years now we have been training various clients with their chosen Car Care courses. We have had excellent feedback from all of our training clients that visit us again for further training courses depending on their situation which is ideal for training any of your new or existing employees or simply want to refresh or better your skills and keep up to date with the Car Care world.

Autobrite Car Care training is all about training our clients with the correct information, the right car care procedures and making sure our clients understand all aspects of their training package to ensure the right results when using their skills. Our training will be a practical “Hands On” lesson on our demo car only, we find it is unethical to use any of our clients cars because of the risks involved. Our cars are disused practice cars so if any unlikely event of accidently damaging the car – its really not a problem – that’s what they are there for! We want our clients to feel comfortable & safe and in a professional environment when choosing their training with Autobrite Direct.

At Autobrite Direct Car Care Centre we provide a friendly, warm and comfortable atmosphere Valeting & Detailing training bay which provides a professional setup, which includes ample lighting, a range of Autobrite Car Care products that we use as well as a selection of polishing machines and accessories. We also have refreshments and toilets on site.

 What training do you cover?

Here at Autobrite we listen to our clients everytime. We want you to feel you have the best knowledge and the best practise from us that is why we cover a wide range of Valeting & Detailing training sessions to try and cover all aspects of your Car Care topics. We cover a huge range of Car Care training at The Autobrite Direct Training Centre, whether you`re starting up your own business, or need refreshing on your car care skills – at Autobrite we have it all here! Our courses are from 1 day to 1 week depending on how much  you would like to learn and also your available budget, all courses are available on a 1-1 basis or available as a grouped session-please contact us for details to discuss your requirements.

Which training areas of Valeting & Detailing do you cover?

  • Starting a professional Valeting Business (Mobile or Static)
  • Business insurance and van insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Enthusiast Car Care training
  • Car Wash operation
  • Professional Machine Polishing Correction
  • Wheel and wheel arch cleaning
  • Engine bay cleaning & Detailing
  • Snow Foaming Specialists
  • Pre Wash procedures
  • Interior carpet extraction cleaning
  • Exterior decontamination and cleaning including fallout and clay bar
  • Tar removal
  • Interior & Exterior dressing and rejuvenate
  • Decal removal
  • Light & Heavy commercial valeting
  • Automotive carpet dying
  • Glass scratch removal
  • Wet Sanding
  • Metal wheel, chrome and exhaust polishing
  • Leather care restoration
  • Headlight restoration
  • Odour eliminator
  • Tailor made training program
  • Car Care Products program

Whatever your needs in the Valeting & Detailing World, here at Autobrite we have the suitable training program for you!

Learn the techniques, experience the knowledge and achieve the amazing results!

Just some of the Key Points & advantages about our course/s

  •  Having a shiny and gleaming car but don’t really know how to achieve this
  •  Complete A-Z on the Valeting & Detailing industry
  •  State of the art training facility located central in the UK
  •  Get your car looking its best but not taking all day
  •  To learn about the correct but most effective way to look after your cars condition
  •  Not inflicting the nasty swirl marks in the normal wash routines
  •  Using the quality Range of Autobrite Car Care Products  to achieve the best results
  •  Trained by the professionals with over 20 years in the car care industry
  •  Up to date and professional Valeting training practises
  •  Focusing on your business and how to push it forward into the next level
  •  Hands on training on our fleet of training cars
  •  Small and individual classes with one-one focused time with the instructor
  •  Everything you need to look after your car – the less confusing way
  •  Unlimited technical support via email or phone after training
  •  Certificate of completion

autobrite direct training meet

Also we now cater for larger group or internet forum special detailing meets throughout the UK! We can host a special VIP group organisation or forum owners group to host a “Valeting & Detailing” meet at the Autobrite Car Care Centre with prior notice. This will basically involve of a get together discussing various techniques and Autobrite product demonstrations throughout the day to give you  expert advice and generally having a great day together. There will be however a discount scheme available on the day where you can book your car in for Valeting or Detailing service. Also the Autobrite Car Care Centre shop will be open and group/detailing meet members will benefit from discount from the shop.

Although we don’t expect you to master the training programs we teach you straight away within the time frame we give you, some procedures will take time and we advise to you before you attempt to practise on your friends or colleagues cars, it maybe worth your while in to practise on some scrap panels just to perfect your technique. Just remember all the professional Valeters & Detailers around the world started somewhere and this is where they started to perfect their technique. If you need us we are always on the other end of the phone!

We will be using a wide selection of our Autobrite Direct car care products which we find they are widely used throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide and for that reason they are easy to use, work 1 st time – every time and give you stunning results. If there is any of the products you wish to discuss on the training day please do so – we will be happy to explain about the product.

If you require for us to take any kind of paint readings at the end of the training program or if any of our trainees would like to chat about further tuition, detailing or valeting services we offer please contact the instructor available.

Hotel Accomodations 

Here @ Autobrite Direct we want you to have a pleasant training experience. We understand that travelling up or down to the Autobrite HQ will insist on tiresome driving. Now you dont have to start out at the crack of dawn to travel to us! Why not enjoy a relaxing night in one of the Bed & Breakfast or Hotels we have recommend below? Enjoy a good nights sleep, a lovely breakfast, no long traveling and only a stones throw from the Autobrite HQ.

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Although we think we have covered everything in our training information but if we have missed something, please do email us on training@autobritedirect.co.uk

Cancellation or Change of Training dates: Due to our training being limited reserved spaces, we do not offer refunds on training payments or training deposits. We fully understand that life can bring unforseen circumstances to us all and if you need to reschedule we will work with you to reserve and secure a spot in a future training date that will work. Should you need to reschedule, we ask that you please contact us no less than 3 weeks in advance so that we have sufficient time to book a replacement.