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When we came up with our valeting services, we knew from the off that one of the packages we had to offer was a winter protection one, to help vehicle owners take better care of them. Winter is a notoriously hard time for vehicles and their owners, not only do we spend cold morning defrosting windscreens but our cars have to contend with the acidic qualities of road salt, the unattractive slush that dirties our pride and joy, and the increased rain that smears glass dulls chrome and marks plastic. The effects of all of these contaminants however can be mitigated with our winter protection car valeting service.

Exterior Valeting

All of our valeting services feature an exterior clean and our winter protection package is now different. We start with a full clean, using snow foam and car shampoo as well as a decontamination solution to remove any ground contaminants. Starting with a clean slate means that we can ensure your car is protected from external contaminants and that there are no remaining particles trapped underneath our products. Check out for more at the article and be fully informed.

Polish and Wax

Polish and wax are a dual force that helps protect cars against damage, with car polish providing a slightly abrasive quality to reduce the appearance of damage and provide a rough surface that helps the wax layer to stick. Whereas car wax forms a hard and uniform layer that covers the car and arms it against the contaminants that would otherwise stick to the surface of the car and begin eroding the paint. Instead, the wax layer deflects large portions of these and any that do stick will stick to the wax layer and not the paint job, ensuring the vehicle remains safe.

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