What Makes an Ultimate Snow Foam?

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With so many snow foams available to buy, it can be difficult to know which ones are going to be an effective prewash, lifting dirt from the car, all while being cost-effective and time-efficient. There are a few distinct qualities that set apart the average and the ultimate snow foams, so if you’re looking to cherry-pick the very best options, read on!

Strong and Stable

Ultimate snow foams are strong enough to dissolve dirt on contact, but this doesn’t always mean going for the most abrasive or acidic solution. While yes, they will eat through dirt with ease, they also have a tendency to affect paint and can start to wear down the clear coat that protects the exterior if they are too strong. Look for a snow foam that is strong but pH neutral, allowing you to apply it to a vehicle without worrying about it causing any damage. Snow foams should be mild enough that they don’t affect any existing waxes or sealants on the surface of the car, so the car remains protected throughout the prewash and wash.

Long Dwelling

One of the key distinguishing factors between an okay snow foam and an ultimate snow foam is the quality of the foam. A good snow foam will produce a relatively thick foam that clings to the surface of the car easily and doesn’t have much runoff. Although you can’t tell this about a product until you’ve used it, the dwell time of a snow foam can give you some indication of the type of foam that will be produced. Those that have a longer dwell time are likely to yield the thickest foams as the concentration of the foam needs to be high in order for it to stick to a vehicle for longer amounts of time. If a snow foam has a recommended dwell time of only a few minutes, it’s probably not going to produce luxurious suds.

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