Wheel wash weekend!

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As you all know, here at Autobrite Direct we love to give you guys a great deal! So we have Wheel wash weekend! A selection of our most popular wheel cleaning products with massive savings!

Very Cherry Non Acidic

A popular long standing Autobrite product. Very Cherry is our professional strength Alkaline, Acid-Free formula that is suitable for dilution down to 20-1.

Containing a powerful blend of degreasers and cleaners to clean your wheels quickly and effectively, a firm favourite with professional valeters and enthusiasts alike!



BriteGel is a sticky, lemon and lime-scented, non-acidic wheel cleaning gel that clings to the wheel surface enabling maximum penetration into the dirt, grime, and brake dust on your wheels. The sticky gel formula clings to the wheel and tyre with no run-off giving you increased time to clean your wheels thoroughly using less product! A powerful cleaning gel formula that provides superb foaming, powerful yet gentle cleaning, and easy rinsing.


Very Cherry Acidic.

Very Cherry acidic wheel cleaner is a powerful dilutable ( Up to 20:1) wheel cleaner that will break down even the heaviest of dirt and contamination on wheel surfaces.

Acid wheel cleaners can be a valuable tool in your detailing arsenal when used correctly!  This cleaner rapidly breaks down the heaviest of brake dust, tarnishing, grime and dirt in minutes! The addition of carefully selected brightening agents and powerful cleaning agents ensures wheels are kept looking at their best.


AD Wheel brushes 

The AD Wheel Brushes are the perfect flexible wheel brushes to get to those hard to reach areas when cleaning your wheels. Soft and gentle on your wheels whilst still being very effective at brushing built up grime. No job is too big or small with the AD Wheel Brush.
The soft bristles of the brush & flexible shaft also allow a degree of cleaning to be carried out on all intricate areas of the wheel by gently angling the brush as you clean. Pair our mini brush & large wheel brush with one of our specialist alloy wheel cleaning products to achieve a flawless result every-time.

Our AD wheel brushes come in two sizes large and small.


So if you are in need of some quality wheel cleaning products! Check out our Wheel Wash Weekend offers !!!!!