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Choosing the best polish!

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Given the increased cost of new car purchases and factor in the specialist paint jobs, metallic finishes, and other exterior add-ons that come with it, it’s well worth keeping your vehicles paintwork in tip-top condition. Car polishing should be carried out twice a year, to remove product build-up, reduce the appearance of marks and scratches and keep the shine looking pristine. Not only will your car be a dream to drive, turn heads, and look phenomenal, but it will also help it to hold onto its value when the time comes to sell it on. So, what is the best car polish for your needs?

Cherry Glaze

If you are looking for an easy way to restore some lost gloss to you paintwork while also adding some protection Cherry Glaze is the perfect solution! Containing a mix of light abrasives, filler glazes and Carnauba wax this all in one product is perfect for regular use or as a base for applying a further wax/sealant.


Scratch Out

No matter how hard we try to keep our vehicles scratch-free, we can’t control all variables and it only takes somebody to walk past carelessly in a car park or bump into the car in the street, for slight scratches to appear. It’s best to deal with scratches as soon as they arise so that environmental factors like sun and rain don’t worsen their appearance or worse, penetrate beneath the clear coat and onto the car’s paint. Our Scratch Out Car Polish has been specially formulated to remove surface scratches from paint, wheels, headlights, and painted bumpers so are ideal for quickly fixing these issues.


If you don’t have any particularly glaring marks to deal with, but paintwork has started to look dull and tired, our Enhance car polish is just what’s needed to restore it to its former glory. This single product can help, correct and protect and enhances the shine with very fine abrasives, by eliminating swirl markers, masking oxidization, and boosting shine. Just a few small drops of this car polish on a rotary pad can take your paintwork from boring and bland to shiny and new.

We have a whole host of car polish websites for different paintwork problems on our website.