Which Snow Foam is Right for Me?

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Most care enthusiasts recognise the importance of using snow foam when detailing a car. Using a powerful formula to remove dirt and grime to mitigate the need for scrubbing. A touchless pre-wash with snow foam helps to get vehicles cleaner and is the industry standard technique. But, when doing this at home, having the right tools is a must to ensure the best possible results. Starting with the right snow foam for the job.


Our Magifoam ultimate snow foam is one of the most widely used and trusted solutions on the market. It is one of our first product conceptions in 2005 and has been cleaning cars for over 15 years. It has a unique blend of biodegradable surfactants, foaming agents, and active cleaners. Magifoam ensures that dirt is lifted away from the car, all while leaving current wax coverings unhindered. Dwelling for up to 30 minutes, this stable and dense product can get to work in a very short period of time.


Hellshine Devils Blood is one of the most powerful solutions available but should be used with caution. Cutting through dirt and grime in only a matter of minutes. This red coloured product can remove thick mud, bug splatter, and heavy soiling thanks to the dense, thick suds with gripping power. It’s not recommended for light colour cars, however, as the red pigment can stain if left on too long.


Another one of our long-term products, Superfoam. It is an extremely highly concentrated solution that has absolutely no harmful chemicals. High foaming but powerful, this formula can remove light dust and smudges and is ideal for frequent washing.

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