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Why All Car Owners Should Have a Snow Foam Product

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We don’t make it a secret that snow foams are one of our favourite car detailing products, here at Autobrite Direct and if you’re yet to invest in a snow foam we’re ready to convince you! Just like a microfibre cloth, car shampoo, and car wax, snow foam is a key piece of even the most basic car cleaning arsenal, for a multitude of reasons.

It Is Gentle

One of the main things that put car enthusiasts off trying a new product is uncertainty as to whether or not it will cause more damage than good. Unlike acidic car cleaners and alkali shampoos, which are only suitable for certain circumstances because of their strength, snow foam is a gentle formula. This means it can be applied in any quantities, any dilution, and to any material without the vehicle owner having to worry about it negatively impacting the car.

It Is Hardy

Just because snow foam is gentle doesn’t mean it isn’t tough on cleaning. This solution dissolved dirt and dust on contact without the need for any scrubbing by the person cleaning the vehicle. The thick foam bubbles away on the surface lifting dirt as it does. Once saturated with grime, the solution will begin to slide down the surface of the car and a quick rinse will wash away the foam and all the dirt it has collected too.

It’s Easy to Apply

People can be put off introducing another step to their car care routine, particularly when they’ve spent years perfecting their time scale. Although adding a snow foam pre-wash into the process will add some time onto the detail, it’s still under half an hour and as there is no physicality involved, you can simply leave the solution to dwell and get on with something else while the snow foam cleans the car.

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