Why Do I Need to Use Snow Foam Wash?

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The name of this car detailing product can be slightly misleading as snow foam wash is a pre-clean treatment as opposed to a shampoo. Even despite expert advice from professional car detailers, many people opt to skip over the pre-wash stage when cleaning their cars at home, which can have indirect consequences later on in the cleaning process or even when your car is out on the road! So, why should you be using snow foam wash?

Remove Light Dirt

Everyday use of vehicles exposes them to contaminants and while some of them are more serious like brake dust and rust, one of the main culprits is road dust. Sitting on top of the surface of the paint, small particulates from exhaust fumes, loose road surface, rain, and wind form a dirty film that dulls the paint and makes the car look murky up close. If you were to say, rinse a car and then go straight into the shampooing, this film would likely get rubbed around the paintwork, potentially causing defects and damaging the paint. Snow foam wash, on the other hand, lifts these particles away without the need for contact so that you can wash your car knowing that the damaging particles are washed away.

It Couldn’t Be Simpler!

Adding a snow foam wash to your car care routine really is no trouble. It takes so little time to apply and remove that you’d be silly not to make it part of your regular washing protocol. Simply use a jet wash with a snow foam cannon attached and spray the thick and luxurious foam all over the vehicle. Make yourself a cup of tea while you leave it to dwell or prepare your washing buckets while you wait and by the time you’re done, just rinse using the very same jet wash. Not only will you benefit from an improved wash and better-looking car, but this time-efficient process can leave you to get on with other more pressing things.