Why Everyone Should Own Detailing Spray

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Car detailing spray is a bit of an unsung hero in the car cleaning world and has many uses that make it ideal for every car owner. Whether you strictly wash your vehicle every Sunday or neglect it probably more than you should, car detailing spray can help you to keep your car looking and feeling fantastic, both inside and out. This versatile product can be kept in the glove box and used to keep your car clean on the go, thanks to the simplicity it takes to use.

What Can It Do?

There are a whole host of reasons to use car detailing spray, with many people opting to use it as a finishing product. It can be sprayed onto almost any part of the vehicle the help boost shine, increase aesthetic appearances, and make components look more polished, it simply just needs to be sprayed on and worked in. Use it on trims, wing mirrors, alloys, or even carpets to help your vehicle look the best it can possibly be. On the other hand, it can also be employed as a cleaning agent between washes. It’s not recommended to use the product on highly soiled cars, but if you’ve acquired some dust, fingerprints, or light dirt on the car then car detailing spray can be a quick fix!

Show and Shine

Car detailing spray is a favourite amongst show-goers whether it’s classic cars or motorcycles. The formula can be applied last minute and boost shine, helping to draw the judge’s eyes to your pride and joy and potentially even improve the scoring. Alternatively, if you’re not showing your vehicle but you want to take a nice photo of it for resale purposes, or you simply want to show up somewhere and make an impression, a quick spray across the entire vehicle will elevate its appearance significantly!