4 Steps To Keep Your Wheels and Tyres Clean

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Wheels and tyres aren’t the easiest part of a vehicle to keep clean, in part due to their constant exposure to the road surface and all of the contaminants found upon it. Couple this with the heat that the brakes produce, brake dust, and the motion created when driving, and even if you conduct a good clean, keeping them looking good can be stress-inducing.  If you follow these 4 steps to keep your wheels and tyres clean these nightmares can be a thing of the past.

Step 1 – Wheel/ Tyre Cleaner

The first step is the use a good wheel and  tyre cleaner to clean the wheels, ensuring that this is carried out before washing and drying your car to prevent splashback and repeat cleaning. Make sure you read all of the instructions on the tyre cleaner you’ll be using to ensure that you get the best results. Always work the solution in with a wheel brush to avoid unnecessary scratches and marks.

Step 2 – Degreaser

Depending on the type of wheel/ tyre cleaner you have used, you may need to introduce a degreaser or decontamination solution next. Tyre cleaner lifts off loose dirt whereas solutions like tar and glue remover and fallout remover can remove more stubborn marks from the wheel.

Step 3 – Drying and Protecting

Let the wheels dry completely and then you can apply a wheel wax/sealant to your alloys in a similar way you would apply these products to your car. Use a foam applicator pad and apply it to the wheel and gently buff off until the surface is shiny. This will help prevent dirt from sticking to the wheel in the future, making cleaning easier and maintaining a just-cleaned look for longer.

Step 4 – Dress The Tyres

Finally, dress the tyres with tyre dressing, which is a water-based solution that is designed to protect the tyres and also make them appear newer by improving shine and colour saturation. Again, make sure to follow the instructions carefully.