6 Steps of Detailing

6 Steps of Detailing

Step 1Wheels and Tyres

The first step of our 6 steps of car detailing plan is to give some attention to your wheels and tyres as these are your car’s point of contact with the road surface.

These areas are often the worst affected parts of the car and become very easily caked in brake dust and dirt from day to day driving, so targeting them first will help ensure that they don’t contaminate other areas of the car later on in the car cleaning process.

Step 1 - Wheels

Step 2Wash

Wash away your sins with step 2 of our 6 steps of detailing. Washing your car’s exterior is arguably the most recognisable step of vehicle detailing, but are you doing it the Autobrite way? Our 3-part wash process is the best way to a swirl-free finish!

Before beginning your exterior wash process, ensure that heavily soiled areas such as engine bays, fuel filler flaps, and door shuts are suitably cleaned to minimise the risk of debris transfer onto the paintwork. These areas should be attended to first if you plan on including these in your wash process.

Step 2 - Wash

Step 3Decontamination

Decontaminating a vehicle, simply put, removes the impurities and imperfections that washing cannot, using a range of specially formulated products.

While daily grime, dust, and debris can be easily cleaned off, contaminants such as brake dust, water spots, industrial fallout, and even old layers of wax can bond to the paintwork, spoiling an otherwise flawless finish.

Step 3 - Decon

Step 4Polish

Polishing a vehicle is step 4 in our 6 steps of detailing process. This can totally revitalise the paintwork, reducing the appearance of undesirable marks in the paint or completely removing them and restoring that factory fresh appearance!

There are 2 ways to polish a car; by hand or using a machine.

Step 4 - Polish

Step 5Protect

There’s no use working so hard to get a vehicle looking amazing, just to skip out such an important step in the car detailing process, and have the elements ruin the finish after the first drive. Choose your protection!

Step 5 - Protect

Step 6Finish

The final step in the 6 steps of the detailing process is aptly named finishing and involves adding those final touches that can make all the difference.

Quick Detailers  

Products usually used at this stage of the process are Quick detailers to add a quick boost to gloss levels on paintwork or revive the water repellent properties of previous waxes or sealants.

Exterior Dressings

Dressings can also be classified as finishing products; these can include tyre dressings and trim dressings. Dressings are available in high gloss finishes or factory-fresh-looking matt dressings.

Glass Cleaning and Sealing

These final stages are also the ideal time to think about cleaning and sealing the glass surfaces.

Step 6 - Finish