Becoming AD approved has benefits for both you and your customers! Give prospective clients the peace of mind of knowing that their pride and joy is in the safe hands of a skilled and fully approved business whose work is of the highest standards.

What does approval involve?

The Autobrite approval process begins with a prospective client attending AD HQ in Stoke on Trent for a skills based assessment day, during the day the client will be required to demonstrate their skills and product knowledge by carrying out a range of detailing related tasks on a supplied vehicle. During the day one of our detailing team members will follow the process checking techniques, correct use of products and tools and overall quality of finish.

Once the physical work has been completed, we may also ask you a few business-related questions about customer relations, promoting your business and how you represent the Autobrite values in your day to day routine.

Why should I become AD Approved?

Being approved by one of the largest car care companies in the UK gives your customers the reassurance that their vehicle is in safe hands, promoting the fact that you and your business work to a recognised standard using quality products.

As part a network of AD Approved detailers you will also benefit from promotion through our social media platforms reaching an audience of hundreds of thousands of potential clients, you will also be registered for our Trade accounts program allowing you to purchase your products at a discounted price. You will also receive an  AD Approved certificate and digital approval logo file.

In order to maintain a great relationship and stay up to date with developments and news on all things AD you will also be granted access to our spotlight program and webinar Q and A sessions which are scheduled to commence in 2021.

All certified approved clients will be added to our approved detailers web page giving customers access to information about your location, contact details and web links.

Approved clients will also have access to online product support and information from our team of detailing professionals and new product testing programs, giving you the chance to help develop and shape future AD products.



What is the criteria for Autobrite approved status?

Approval candidates will only be considered based on the following criteria

The individual seeking approval must have been actively trading for at least 6 months with evidence in the form of social media pages or website content.

Approved clients will be limited to a maximum of 2 per geographical location.

Approved discount codes will be unavailable during our sale periods.

Individuals looking to be approved must hold valid insurance

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