Car Detailing – Near You!

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Whether your car has been sat on the drive gathering dust or has been ferrying you and your family around during lockdown, it’s fair to say that it might have been neglected due to the closing of a car detailing business like ours. Now we are back open to the public, we can finally start to offer our car detailing and valeting services again, with a range of packages available to suit different requirements. If you’re looking for an all-round detail, protection package, or even paint correction service our car detailing bay near you, can help.


Our valeting services consist of an interior package, an exterior package, or our gold package which combines the two. Using our very own car detailing products, we ensure that every inch of the car is cleaned to a professional standard. Starting with cleaning, we then move on to dressing, protecting, and finishing all parts of the vehicle so that they look their best and are free from debris.

New Car Protection

One of the main reasons people opt to have their car detailed is to help maintain the resale value, which is particularly important for new cars. Our new car package can help to protect your investment and keep the vehicle looking newer for longer and is exclusively for cars less than a month old. After a complete paint cleanse and decontamination, we apply nano-coating protection, heat-resistant wheel coating, glass protection, and trim protection.

Paint Correction

If your paintwork is looking dull and lifeless, has excessive marring or swirl marks then our paint correction car detailing package might be just the tonic. Using a machine polisher, we gently buff away the clear coat of the paintwork, helping to remove surface marks and even out texture for a smooth and uniform finish. We then dress each material appropriately to make sure the colour is saturated, shiny, and bright once again.