Cleaning Tyres and Removing Old Dressings

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Cleaning a vehicle’s wheel is one of the most important jobs in car detailing and needs to be done regularly to keep cars looking their very best. If a car’s entire exterior was spotless, but the wheels and tyres were dirty, it can throw off the entire appearance and so getting them clean and keeping them clean is a top priority. Sometimes, however, simply using a tyre cleaner to remove dirt is not enough. Many of us use dressings to treat our tyres, which can help them to repel dirt, water, and contaminants, and if not correctly removed, old dressings can build up and turn tyres an unattractive brown colour. But with the right tyre cleaner and some simple equipment,  you can easily return them to their former glory!


In order to get wheels looking sparkling you will need:

  • A tyre cleaner that is suitable for the material of the wheel
  • A stiff-bristled brush
  • A hosepipe or pressure washer
  • One drying towel for the tyres
  • One drying towel for the wheels

Once you have assembled the above, make sure you read the  instructions on the tyre cleaner and dilute according to the recommendations.

The Process

Making sure that the wheel and the tyre are both cool to touch before starting, start off by applying the tyre cleaner to the tyre. Then using the stiff-bristled brush, work this into the tyre focusing on the browner areas. If the foam turns a different colour this is usually a good indication that the old dressing is working loose. Next, rinse the tyre so that it is completely free from suds before patting dry the tyre with one towel and then patting dry the wheel with the other.

For more information or to find the right tyre cleaner for your needs, visit our website.