Enhancement And Protection Package

The Enhancement and Protection Package will enhance colour, gloss, and clarity by approximately 50-60%. Deeper swirls marks and scratches may see some reduction in severity on our Single Stage Package, but please look at our Paint Correction Packages for the removal of deeper swirls/defects.

From £300

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Swirl and light defect removal

We can remove those unsightly swirls and light marks picked up over time.

Gloss enhancment

Give your vehicle that wow factor! restoring the shine to a better than new finish!

restoration of colour and depth

Over time paintwork can become dull and flat due to environmental factors. We can restore your vehicles true colour and depth.

Paintwork protection

Quality protection will help to maintain that better than new finish for years to come.

What is an Enhancement detail ?

An Enhancement detail consists of a Single stage machine polish, designed to remove light defects such as swirls, wash marring, holograms and buffer trails, the advantage of this package is evident when applied to any vehicle where the paintwork has lost its lustre.

Our Enhancement packages are developed to allow us to provide up to 70% reduction in visible defects whilst having the minimum effect on the level of clearcoat, perfect for older vehicles with delicate paint or just to add that extra pop to a well cared for vehicle with minor swirling.

The basis of our paint correction services:

Although we offer 3 levels of paint correction including our Enhancement package the same amount of care and attention is applied to every service, here’s what’s included as standard

  • Full exterior clean and decontamination
  • Paintwork protection applied
  • Glass clean inside and out
  • Exterior trim and tyre dressings applied
  • Complimentary basic vac and interior surface clean
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“Triumph Stag Enhancement and Ceramic”

I was very impressed with the service, the quality of finish and general attitude and professional approach of all that I dealt with

Jim Ashley

“Professional Service”

Car looks great thanks guys!

Richard Latham


Great products!! Great service!

Sandra Sakalauskaitė

“Great products. Great Service”

Best Service . Best Products what else can I say. Use the best for best results

Dave Baker

Paint correction packages

All displayed prices are based on a small city city car – Fiesta, Fiat 500 etc. Please get in touch for a bespoke quote !

Single Stage Package Enhancement package

Ideal for newer vehicles with light to moderate swirls and paint defects

  • Full exterior clean and decontamination
  • Polished using Enrich medium cut compound only
  • Si02 Paintwork protection applied for up to 12 months protection
  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned
  • Exterior trim and tyre dressings applied
  • Complimentary dry vacuum and interior surface clean
  • Blendz Ceramic wax add on protection25.00
  • Repel glass sealant10
  • Fabric roof cleaned and sealed60
  • Ceramic shield 3 year coating100
  • Ceramic Shield Pro 5 year coating150
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