Finding the Ultimate Snow Foam

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When it comes to detailing your car, most people recognise the importance of starting with powerful snow foam to lift off dirt and grime without the need for scrubbing. This touchless pre-wash offers a superior clean and is the industry standard technique but having the right tools is key to achieving a pristine finish. Autobrite has a range of products you can sample to find the ultimate snow foam.


Our magifoam ultimate snow foam was one of our first products and has withstood the test of time, remaining as one of our most popular products to this day. It’s a firm favourite with our customer’s thanks to its unique blend of active cleaner, biodegradable surfactants, and foaming agents that don’t alter the existing wax or sealant protection. Magifoam has a stable and dense foam that can dwell for up to 30 minutes, removing most of the dirt from the car in a short amount of time.

Magifoam Custard

A firm favourite of our detailing manager here at AD. This is a vanilla custard fragranced, yellow snow foam, based on the ever popular Magifoam formula ! Great cleaning power combined with an awesome fragrance and colour. Simply delicious, but please don’t eat it !



Autobrite’s ultimate snow foam, Superfoam, is an extremely high concentrated solution that is very high foaming and contains no harmful chemicals. This snow foam offers a light clean that removes light dust and smudges and is suitable for weekly washing. Thanks to the light but concentrated formula, this product is of great value for money and is ideal for use in the summer months when dirt and grime accumulation is low.

Parma Violet and Jelly Bean Superfoams

These foams are a fun twist on our popular Super Snow Foam! Producing  thick vibrant coloured foam with  luscious Parma Violet/Jelly bean fragrances these are snow foams that you will lover to use! You will be looking for any excuse to break out the pressure washer! Just be prepared for the attention from all your neighbours.



See our full range of ultimate snow foams on our website.