How to keep your car leather looking new

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How to keep your car leather looking new


How to clean leather surfaces within a car is a question we asked very frequently. But, it’s a question that isn’t regularly spoken about, as the fabric within a car’s interior varies between makes and models. However, leather is very easy to clean and keep on top of. By cleaning it regularly, and taking care of this fabric, you can maintain its great texture, and colour for longer.


The Products

Cleanse is our Ph Neutral Cleaner. It is gentle on leather interiors, whilst being hard on any dirt and grime.


Light cleaning:

  • For light cleaning, spray a few sprays of cleanse onto a microfibre towel, and wipe down the area. this will provide a sufficient level of cleaning.

Heavy cleaning:

  • For a heavier soiled area, cleaning may require more agitation. Spray the cleanse gentle leather cleaner directly onto the required area, and lightly work the product into the leather with a leather brush. Afterward, wipe away the product with a microfibre towel.


Revive leather conditioning creme will clean, and enhance the appearance and feel of car leather

  • Apply a small amount of the creme onto a microfibre applicator, and gently work into the leather. This will not only clean the areas but will moisturise them. Wipe away the residue with a microfibre towel to reveal the clean leather. Once removed, the revive will leave a protective layer, that is resistant to stains and is waterproof.



If you have perforated leather seats. Firstly apply a small amount of Revive to the microfiber applicator. Secondly, work the product into the applicator slightly with your finger.

Applying the product in this way there will be minimal excess product going into the perforations and getting stuck.

Both products are usable on all interior leathers such as seats, dashboards, and door cards.



Explore our range of interior cleaning products, for your car’s interior, no matter the fabric, or surface.


Happy cleaning!