Lockdown Car Detailing Jobs

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With many of us still unable to go to work, attend social events or even leave the house, it is the perfect opportunity to get down to the nitty-gritty jobs that we put off in favour of other things. Whether you’re into car detailing or not, there are some jobs that we just can’t drag ourselves to do, that are really important for maintaining the appearance and functionality of the car. Whether it’s a good old wash, a wax or an engine degrease – here’s some car detailing jobs you can be doing to help pass the time and boost your vehicle’s wellbeing.

Car Waxing

One of the more divisive jobs in the car detailing world, you either love it or hate it, but either way, good car waxing can help protect vehicles from marks, scratches, dirt build-up, UV rays, bird lime, and even water damage. If you’re firmly in the ‘hate’ camp, then our range of liquid car waxes might be just the ticket to ease your woes. Simple and quick to apply, these variations take away all the hard work of application, instead simply buff off and you’re good to go. If you’re on the ‘love’ side then we don’t need to tell you that Carnauba Wax is a god-tier product, that can be applied from solid or spray forms.

Engine Degreasing

Many of us spend hours meticulously cleaning the exterior of our vehicles, only to neglect what is under the hood. Degreasing the engine will not only get this grubby part of the car looking brand new again but can help minimise engine failures, blockages or overheating. Using a specially formulated engine degreaser, simply apply this to the metalwork under the bonnet and leave to dwell or work in using a brush – depending on the guidelines of the brand you choose, before wiping clean.

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