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Mystery Buckets Are Back!

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Everybody needs a little excitement in their lives, particularly now while we are all living in such uncertain times, which is why we’ve bought back our mystery buckets! Like a lucky dip for the adults into car detailing, these buckets contain a whole bunch of our reputable and effective products – you just don’t know what until you unwrap them!

Option 1

Our mystery buckets are available in 2 options with the first one being priced at just £75. The great thing about this bucket is that you’re guaranteed that you will receive at least £100 worth of Autobrite Direct products! A handful of these mystery buckets are packed to include up to £125 worth of goods and so you could get even luckier. Included in every one of these purchases is an Autobrite bucket complete with grit guard and gamma seal lid making it simple to wash your car without worrying about grit or any other contaminants scratching the paint.

Option 2

Priced at £110, our second option of Mystery Buckets has products up to the value of £150 inside! The beauty of these lucky dips is that there’s always a great range of products no matter what you end up with. We try our best to make sure that every recipient of these products loves what they’re given which is why we use a variety of goods from across our stocks. You might be lucky enough to receive some of our newly launched products, such as our Magifoam Custard Snow Foam edition, or you could get our tried and tested older goodies, it’s all in the luck of the draw.

Fancy A Chance?

If you’re ready to try your luck with a mystery bucket, then don’t delay because they are a limited-edition stock that won’t be around for long. Order yours on our website today.