Snow Foam Car Shampoo – New Kits

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By now you know that we’re huge advocates for the use of snow foam car shampoo as a prewash, both professionally and at home. Whether you’ve already invested in the product or you’re looking to upgrade your current kit, we are excited to announce that we have not one, but 2 new kits on offer that all centre around the glorious snow foam!

Karcher K2

Our Karcher K2 Compact Cold Pressure Washer kit comes with a small pressure washer, snow foam car shampoo, and our coveted snow foam lance kit. Priced at between £80 and £140 this budget car cleaning kit has absolutely everything you need to complete a pre-wash on a vehicle, without taking up too much space or being difficult and clunky to maneuver, weighing just 5kg in total. The snow foam lance attached to the pressure washer can create between 110 bars of pressure, perfect for creating a luxuriously thick foam. The max temperature of the water feed goes up to 40 degrees so you can use cold, warm, or even hot water depending on your preference and the soiling.

Karcher K4 Kit

The Karcher K4 Full Control Kit comes with the snow foam car shampoo and the lance kit, but also benefits from the larger and more robust Karcher K4 pressure washer which has an additional 2 attachments. Packaged in this kit is the Dirt Blaster spray lance and the Vario Power spray lance which allows this kit to be used for far more than the application of snow foam to a vehicle. Use it to clean a driveway or patio, home exteriors, or even garden furniture thanks to its adjustable pressure of between 20 – 130 bars.

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