Temporary Delivery Dates

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As you may have seen we’re in the process of moving premises and we’re now at the stage where we are moving our production and dispatch teams over to the new unit. Now this will put a delay on to delivery dates as we need to take down all our equipment from our current HQ and take it down to the new unit and then build it back up.

When will my order arrive?

Good question. If you have placed your order after 21st then your shipping time will be extended by 7 business days. Don’t worry we have definitely received your order and we’re working on getting it to you ASAP!  For example if you place an order on 24th Feb then we’ll aim to get it shipped by 3rd March.

Can I Click & Collect?

Sadly not. After 21st click and collect will not be available. Until we get everything set up again.

When we do get everything set up, click and collect will then become available again to be picked up from the NEW unit.

How will Click & Collect work at the new unit?

Another great question. If you select ‘Click and Collect’ (when available) when checking out, you will be able to park up at our new unit and walk up to the reception and press the doorbell. Your order will then be given to you by one of our staff.