The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Car’s Wheels

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Everyone knows that cleaning your car’s wheels is one of the most important steps when detailing your car. Whether it’s as a quick refresh wash or a full-on detailing service. As your wheels and tyres are the only part of your car that comes into contact with the road. So, with this, they’re probably always going to be the dirtiest part of your car. 

At Autobrite Direct, we have a range of effective products that help you achieve spotless wheels and tyres. We have a few standout products that we always recommend people invest in, if they want shining wheels, every time they clean their car. We’ve also included a few tips and tricks straight from the AD detailing bay. Learn from the experts and understand how to enhance both the appearance and longevity of your car’s wheels! 


Why should you clean your wheels first? 


Just wheels


Cleaning your wheels and tyres at the start of the car detailing process is of utmost importance for several reasons. Firstly, wheels and tires are often the dirtiest parts of a vehicle, accumulating road grime, brake dust, and other contaminants. By tackling them first, you prevent these contaminants from spreading onto the rest of the car’s surfaces during the cleaning process. Additionally, cleaning the wheels and tires early on allows you to assess their condition more accurately. Identifying any areas that may require special attention or repair. 

Properly cleaned wheels and tyres serve as a solid foundation for the overall appearance of the vehicle. They contribute significantly to the visual appeal and can enhance the overall impact of the car detailing process, making your vehicle look sleek, well-maintained, and ready to hit the road.


Britegel Wheel Cleaner 


A versatile wheel cleaner that is gentle gets super effective. This sticky, lemon and lime-scented non-acidic wheel cleaner clings to your wheel’s surfaces. Penetrating through the dirt and grime present on your wheels. Agitate with an AD brush, and rinse off. Suitable for all wheel types, including alloy wheels. This product won’t degrade any existing wheel waxes, and sealants when used correctly. 

How to use Britegel: 

  1. Rinse: Begin by rinsing your wheels with clean water to remove loose dirt and debris.
  2. Application: Apply Britegel directly onto the surface of the wheel, ensuring thorough coverage.
  3. Agitation: Gently agitate the product using a soft wheel brush or sponge to loosen stubborn dirt.
  4. Rinse and dry: Rinse off the Britegel using clean water, making sure to remove all traces of the product. Dry the wheels with a microfiber cloth or towel.


Very Cherry Wheel Cleaner 


very cherry non acidic wheel cleaner

A professional strengthening acid-free wheel cleaner. This AD product contains a powerful blend of degreasers to clean dirt, grime and brake dust from your wheels. This wheel cleaner is suitable for both light and heavy dirt. 

How to use Very Cherry:

  1. Rinse: Start by rinsing your wheels with water to remove loose dirt and debris.
  2. Application: Spray Very Cherry directly onto the wheel surface, ensuring even coverage.
  3. Agitation: Use a soft brush or wheel mitt to agitate the product, paying extra attention to heavily soiled areas.
  4. Rinse and dry: Thoroughly rinse off the Very Cherry with clean water, making sure all product residues are removed. Dry the wheels using a microfiber cloth or towel.


Wheel and Tyre Cleaner 

wheel and tyre cleaner

This powerful non-acidic wheel cleaner rapidly brakes down brake dust, grime and dirt from the road that builds up on wheels. This formula is safe for use on all painted, powder-coated and clear-coated finishes. It’s even great as a spray and rinse product for getting rid of light dirt. 

How to use Wheel and Tyre cleaner:

  1. Rinse: Start by rinsing your wheels with water, removing any loose dirt. 
  2. Application: Spray the Wheel and Tyre cleaner onto your tyres and wheels
  3. Agitation: Use a soft brush or wheel mitt to agitate the product, paying close attention to very dirt areas. 
  4. Rinse and dry: Ensure to thoroughly rinse off all of the product with clean water and then dry with a clean microfibre towel. 


Acidic Wheel Cleaner 

Acidic wheel cleaner

The perfect choice for very dirty wheels, when a non-acidic wheel cleaner just won’t cut it. This formula allows you to cut through heavy brake dust and traffic films. This professional and powerful formula contains a blend of acids and detergents that remove stains from wheels. Restoring alloy wheels to their factory shine! 

How to use Acidic Wheel Cleaner: 

  1. Rinse: Begin by rinsing your wheels with water to remove any loose dirt. 
  2. Application: Spray the product on your wheels 
  3. Agitation: Use a wheel brush, soft long-reach brush, or wash mitt to agitate the product into all areas of your wheels. 
  4. Rinse and dry: Ensure you rinse all of the product off the wheels and dry thoroughly with a microfibre towel. 


Just Wheel Shampoo 

Just wheels

A premium wheel shampoo that uses a combination of highly concentrated cleaners and degreasers to remove brake dust and road grime. This high-foaming product effectively cleans even the toughest dirt of wheels, and works on even the most sensitive finishes. Combine with water or use a pump spray for a quick clean. Which in turn increases contact time and cleaning capabilities. 

How to use Just Wheels Shampoo: 

  1. Rinse: Start by rinsing your wheel with water to remove any loose dirt and grime. 
  2. Application: Either mix as suggested with clean water and use a mitt to apply the solution onto your wheels. Alternatively, use a spray pump to spray the product onto your wheels.
  3. Agitation: Either by using a wheel brush or a wash mitt work the product into the wheels removing dirt. 
  4. Rinse and dry: Rinse off all of the shampoos using clean water, and dry thoroughly with a microfibre cloth. 


Cleaning your car’s wheels


Cleaning wheels


Cleaning your car’s wheels is crucial for not only maintaining its appearance but also protecting your wheels from damage and corrosion. Our range of wheel cleaning products includes Britegel, Very Cherry, our NEW Acidic Wheel cleaner and various others. Each offers its own cleaning properties. 

By following our recommendations, you’ll be able to clean your wheel effectively and safely every time.