Welcome to Our New Website!

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Hello and welcome to our brand-new website! Here at Autobrite Direct, we’re always looking for ways that we can improve the customer experience and get ahead of the game and we thought it was about time we gave our customers a better online buying experience. Our online store is still packed to the rafters with all the products you know and love but also has much more to offer!

What’s New?

Aside from keeping our much-loved products in an easy-to-navigate format, our new car detailing website has some never seen before features. From now on, our customers will be able to customise their valeting and detailing packages to their unique needs! You will still be able to get the same fantastic service from our reputable and credible detailers, but now you will be able to select and choose the parts of a service or detail that you really want, so you can make sure your money is being spent on the things that matter to you. Our brand-new system even allows you to book online, saving you time too!

Bigger & Better

If you’ve been an avid Autobrite Direct fan for a while, you are probably aware that we have been expanding our car detailing product empire over the last 15 years and our latest venture has seen us branch out into mobile car detailing product franchises! While this is still a relatively new angle of the business, our brand new website will have a dedicated section so that our audience can learn more about what it is, how to get involved, or where they may be able to expect our franchisees to be selling or demonstrating our products.