A winter protection detail will not only protect your vehicle from the elements during the harsh winter months but will also make cleaning much easier, allowing you to remove salt residue and traffic film much faster!

From £200


Exterior clean and decontamination!

Provides a clean slate for optimum bonding of your chosen protection

Hand polish to restore gloss and remove minor oxidation

Restore lost clarity and gloss.

Long lasting protection

Durable protection applied to paintwork, wheels and glass. Protecting all surfaces from the harsh winter road conditions.

Easy clean

Having well protected paintwork makes the removal of road salt and grime much easier during the winter months.



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  • Winter grime can build up on unprotected surfaces much more easily!
  • Road salt combined with the wet conditions can become highly corrosive
  • Alloy wheels are particularly susceptible to damage and corrosion during this period
  • Visibility can also be an issue during the winter months

Protecting these surfaces during winter is protecting your investment!



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All displayed prices are based on a small city city car – Fiesta, Fiat 500 etc. Please get in touch for a bespoke quote !

Winter Protection

  • Full exterior cleanse and decontamination
  • Hand polish carried out to rejuvenate the paintwork
  • Durable ceramic infused wax applied to all painted surfaces
  • Multiple layers of sealant applied to all exterior glass
  • Multiple coats of Blendz High temperature wheel sealant applied to wheel faces.
  • Fabric sealant applied to carpet floor mats where applicable
  • Complimentary interior dry vac
  • exterior plastics and tyres dressed
  • Protection Upgrade15.00
  • Interior deep clean via steamer/wet vac extraction 30
  • Wheel removal and ceramic coating (May require overnight service)120
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