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Cars & Coffee Meet / Grand Shop Opening

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What is a Cars and Coffee meet?

Car and coffee meets have become increasingly popular in recent years, bringing together car enthusiasts and coffee lovers in a fun and exciting way. These events typically involve a gathering of car enthusiasts at a local coffee shop, where they can showcase their vehicles and socialize with like-minded individuals.

The concept of car and coffee meets began in Southern California in the early 2000s, and has since spread throughout the United States and other countries around the world. These events typically take place on weekend mornings, and are open to anyone who owns a unique or interesting car.

The format of a car and coffee meet is relatively simple. Car owners arrive at the designated location and park their vehicles in a designated area.

What happens on the day?

When you arrive at our new AD HQ you will receive a voucher of 10% off to be redeemed in-store only and you will be asked to park your vehicle in one of our bays. You are then free to wonder the car park and check out other people’s cars. The shop will be open from 1000 till 1400. We will have refreshments with warm and cold drinks available.

Why come to an AD Cars & Coffee?

One of the key benefits of our car and coffee meets is the opportunity for car enthusiasts to show off their vehicles and connect with other like-minded individuals. Many car owners take pride in the customization and restoration of their cars, and these events provide an opportunity to showcase their hard work and creativity.

In addition to admiring the cars, car and coffee meets also provide an opportunity for enthusiasts to learn more about different makes and models of cars. Participants often engage in discussions about the features and history of each vehicle, and may even swap stories about their own experiences with cars.

Another key benefit of car and coffee meets is the sense of community they foster. These events bring together individuals who share a common passion, and provide an opportunity for them to connect and build friendships. Participants often return to these events on a regular basis, and may even form their own car clubs or online communities.

Overall, our car and coffee meets are a fun and engaging way for car enthusiasts to come together and connect over their shared passion for cars. These events provide an opportunity to showcase unique and interesting vehicles, learn more about different makes and models, and build relationships with other car enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned car enthusiast or simply enjoy admiring cool cars, our car and coffee meet is definitely worth checking out!