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  • Cleanse Leather Cleaner
  • Gently cleans leather seats and surfaces to lift dirt and stains
  • Quick and easy to apply using either a brush or a microfibre towel.
  • The pH-neutral formula doesn’t strip the leather of its natural oils.
  • Easy cleaning for a fresh look and smell.
  • 250ml bottle.
  • Revive Leather Conditioning Cream
  • Formulated to lightly clean whilst feeding and nourishing
  • Protect your leather with a blend of waxes and oils
  • Moisturises leather without feeling greasy
  • Use on both new and old leather to revitalise and protect
  • Prevent drying out and cracking
  • Waterproofing and stain-resistant qualities
  • 200ml bottle


Keep your car’s leather interior supple and soft with Autobrite’s Leather Kit! This contains everything you need to clean, condition, and protect your leather seats and surfaces.

What’s in this kit?

The kit contains Autobrite’s Cleanse Leather Cleaner and Revive Leather Conditioning Cream. It also contains a specialist leather brush and a microfibre applicator.

The Cleanse Leather Cleaner is gentle on your seats but tough on dirt. Lifting debris and grime from your leather without harming the supple finish. The formula is pH neutral and won’t strip essential oils from the surface. This reduces any risk of the leather cracking. Instead, it will gently lift dirt and stains to bring your leather car seats, interior surfaces, and other leather areas back to life. It’s easy to use – just apply some cleaner to the leather brush included in the kit, lightly agitate into a foam. Then just simply wipe away the residue with the microfibre towel.

To keep your interior cleaner for longer, the Revive Leather Conditioning Cream contains a blend of waxes and oils to prevent cracking. This also minimises the risk of future staining. This non-greasy conditioning balm revitalises your leather surfaces and keeps them nourished for a glossy look. It will work on both new and old leather. It also has waterproofing and stain-resistant agents to prevent future damage or discolouration.
Both products make the perfect partnership in cleaning leather car seats and other leather surfaces both inside and outside of your car. Along with the premium leather brush and microfibre cloth, you have everything you need to keep your seats clean and protected.

How to use

Please visually inspect leather surfaces prior to cleaning for sings of colour loss or damage.

Cleanse can be used on lightly soiled surfaces by spraying the product onto a microfibre towel and wiping down the surface, take care to limit your movements to one direction of travel and turn your towel regularly to avoid re-soiling the area. For more heavily stained leather surfaces spray a small amount of cleanse directly onto the seat ( we recommend cleaning the backrest first) and using the Autobrite Direct leather brush, gently agitate the surface of the leather paying particular attention to the direction of the texture. Use a microfibre towel to remove the residual product at regular intervals.
Once you have finished the cleaning process, remove the excess product and then buff it with a clean microfibre towel to achieve a dry, matt finish.

Revive can be used to condition and protect all leather surfaces. Apply 2 -3 pea-sized drops to the microfibre applicator, work into the leather surface taking care to avoid overloading areas such as stitching or perforations as product build-up can occur. Once the area has been treated allow a few minutes for the product to dry, buff to a matt finish with a clean microfibre towel if required.


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Apply Cleanse to the leather brush for a deep clean or to a microfibre towel for light soiling.

Spread the foam over the contaminated area and then agitate moving in a circular motion.

Once the area is cleaned, wipe away the foam with a clean microfibre towel.

Once the area is clean and dry you may apply Revive to condition the leather leaving it feeling supple and clean.


Great products all in one box. I cleaned a treated the leather seats and door cars in my wife's passat 2 weeks ago whilst giving it a valet. I was amazed at how much dirt came out of the leather which I had previously been cleaning and treating with another brands products. The other brand has been on the market decades. However the products in this kit are far superior. 2 weeks on you can still smell the leather revive when you get in the car. Absolutely love this kit.



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