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Autobrite Direct is thrilled to unveil its latest product, the Snow Fairy Super Foam. Our latest pre-wash snow foam elevates your car cleaning experience. With its vivid pink colour and enchanting fragrance, this new addition is set to become a favourite among car enthusiasts. Available in two sizes – 1-litre and 5-litre. Snow Fairy Super Foam promises not only effective cleaning but also a touch of fun in your routine.


A Lush Addition to Your Car Cleaning Routine


Snow Fairy Super Foam is versatile. Perfectly tailored for light spring cleaning. Its high-foaming, pH-neutral formula ensures a pristine finish without compromising the surfaces. This transformative foam adds a playful touch to your cleaning routine. With its vibrant pink colour but also makes the task enjoyable. Inspired by Lush Snow Fairy, its fragrance combines bubble gum, banana, pear drops, and candy floss for an olfactory delight that turns your cleaning session into a sensory experience. Experience dirt removal and comprehensive coverage with the unique features of Snow Fairy Super Foam. Making your car cleaning routine a delightful and fun-filled sensory journey.



Step-by-Step Guide: How to Use Snow Fairy Super Foam


  • Fill Your Autobrite Snow Foam Lance: Load up to 2 inches of Snow Fairy Super Foam into your Autobrite Snow Foam lance.
  • Mix with Cold Water: Fill the lance with cold water and shake the mixture well to ensure proper blending.
  • Pre-Rinse Your Vehicle: Remove any loose dirt or debris by pre-rinsing your vehicle.
  • Adjust Foam Thickness: Adjust the dial on top of the lance to achieve the desired thickness of foam.
  • Apply Evenly from Top to Bottom: Starting from the top, apply the foam evenly over the entire surface of the vehicle.
  • Ensure Complete Coverage: Work your way from the top to the bottom to ensure complete coverage.
  • Allow Time: Allow the foam to sit on the surface for 5-10 minutes to maximise cleaning effectiveness.
  • Thoroughly Rinse: Thoroughly rinse the vehicle with water to remove the foam and reveal a sparkling finish.

Getting The Most Out Of Snow Fairy Super Foam


Here are our tips for an optimal car cleaning experience. After pre washing the vehicle and applying a good layer of super foam, use your DBS pro detailing brushes to work the foam into those hard to clean areas. After rinsing your vehicle, go back in with our Purple Rain Fallout Remover and ensure your vehicle is dried properly using our Ultimate Drying Towel and finally ensure your paint work is protected using our Hard Coat ceramic coating.

Autobrite Direct’s Snow Fairy Super Foam is a cleaning product that adds joy to your car care routine. With its vibrant colour, captivating fragrance, and effective cleaning formula, this foam is the perfect addition to your car cleaning kit.

Unsure if this product is suitable for your vehicle? Get in touch with our team.