Rapidly dissolves iron contamination upon contact!

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Purple Rain version 3 is a new intensive pH balanced (pH 6-7) iron-contaminate remover that removes contaminants upon contact.


  • GEL based formula to ensure longer dwell time
  • Rapid reaction time on iron contamination
  • Ideal for wheels and bodywork
  • Work stubborn areas with a suitable detailing brush if required
  • Improved fragrance


Purple Rain Iron Fallout Remover: Unveiling a Gleaming Finish

Firstly, its pH-balanced (6-7) formula gently yet effectively tackles contaminants, leaving you with a deeper exterior clean and a pristine, contamination-free surface. As one of our best-selling wheel cleaning products, Purple Rain Wheel Cleaner works its magic on brake dust, a damaging and unsightly nuisance, restoring your wheels to their unblemished, fresh-from-the-factory state.

This fast-acting, reactive gel clings tenaciously to surfaces, rapidly dissolving industrial fallout, baked-on brake dust, and even stubborn iron particulate contamination. These iron villains, over time and under high temperatures, can embed themselves into the paint, causing lasting damage. But fear not! Purple Rain is here to the rescue.

Its versatility is truly remarkable.

Suitable for all exterior paintwork, glass, painted aluminium alloy wheels, clear-coated alloys, stainless steel, plastic panels, exhaust tips, and even rubber surfaces, basically anywhere contaminants dare to lurk. And it doesn’t stop there! Cleaners and degreasers within the formula cut through dirt and grime with ease. The thick gel, sticks to the surface and penetrates deep into the grime, making rinsing away contamination a breeze.

Witness the transformation! Upon contact, Purple Rain reacts with dirt, grime, and fallout, turning those pesky particles a vibrant purple/red as they swiftly dissolve. This thick gel formula boasts a longer dwell time than its competitors, giving you ample time to witness the cleaning magic.

For the truly stubborn dirt, Purple Rain welcomes a partner in crime: the DBS detailing brush. Together, they tackle tough dirt head-on, leaving your surfaces gleaming with perfection.

So, unleash the power of Purple Rain and say goodbye to contaminants, and hello to a radiant finish!

Chemical resistant trigger supplied with 500ml and 1 litre sizes

(Dispensing pumps not supplied with 5-litre size)

Points to remember when using Purple rain:

  • Always use on cool surfaces for the best results
  • Don’t allow the product to dry out on the surface to be treated, as staining may occur
  • Apply Purple Rain in the shade or cooler mornings/evenings for a sparkling finish.
  • If in doubt, always test on an inconspicuous area
  • Work in sections! Apply and rinse Purple Rain in small areas to avoid drying time drama.

How to use

Our specially designed gel-based formula gets to work rapidly!

Perfectly designed for use on multiple surfaces, breaking down industrial fallout. Ensure the wheels have been cleaned first with one of our Flexible Wheel Brushes and rinse the product thoroughly for the best results.


Step By Step Guide

  1. Always ensure wheels are cool prior to applying products.
  2. Clean wheels first using a dedicated wheel cleaner for the best results.
  3. Apply liberally to the surface to be treated.
  4. Allow the product to work for approximately 3-4 minutes.
  5. Do not allow the product to dry.
  6. Rinse thoroughly
  7. Repeat with agitation if required.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Not as such, it is a fallout remover intended for use after cleaning your wheels to aid in the removal of stubborn brake dust/iron particles. It does however do a great job as a wheel cleaner!

Not at all, Purple Rain can also be used to remove iron fallout from the vehicles bodywork in much the same way.

No, Purple Rain is not dilutable. Adding water to the product may reduce its effectiveness.

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The best and quickest reacting fallout remover on the market today. Keep trying other brands fallout but always return to purple rain..

Angus Gow


Had autobrite recommend by a friend, tried this product and as others say it's amazing what it removes, smell is pleasant. The only negative was the spray nozzle packing in half way through but not a biggie as just took the one off the just the tonic spray . Will need to order the 5L version.



Superb wheel cleaner, removes even the thickest baked on brake dust with ease! Highly recommend



If you're looking for a fallout remover, then this is the one you need! Such a good product!

Meghan Wright


This is such an epic product from the AD team! One of my fave products in the whole range. However, the scent is very questionable......

Sally Hardy


The best iron-contaminate remover! The new gel-based formula means you use a lot less product as it’s more effective. Really satisfying to use, and is a must have amongst your cleaning gear! Smell could still be improved!

Philip Derbyshire


Brilliant product! It's the only wheel cleaner I use. Great results every time, even on the grubbiest of wheels. Is it strange that I quite like the smell too? ?

Andre Van Rensburg


This product does what it says on the tin. Absolutely stinks, but works wonders! I like to use it after I’ve cleaned the wheels with the cherry wheel cleaner to get the extra hidden contaminants off of my wheels.

Ash Ingleson


This is the best fallout I have used doesn’t a great job and the smell is not as bad as the others.



Satisfying product! I’ve tried a few fallout removers now and this definitely exceeds others by effortlessly removing contamination’s from your paintwork.



Definitely was worth buying purple rain, I've always used very cherry non acidic on my wheels but tried the britegel which imo isn't as strong as very cherry so I ended up with some stuck on nasties on the rims, but OMG purple rain did its magic without the need to use the wheel brush, just rinsed it off and then I couldn't keep my eyes off the shine left.. If ye can get past the smell which isn't too bad compared to some other brands, it's a great tool to keep your car looking grand.. I love the complements I get from folk on how the car shines, this is an addiction to be proud of wahahahaha... Well done Autobrite, first class ?

Gareth Tait


Does exactly what says it does down side is Smell isnt vert pleasant but still wont put me off buying more

Ryan Hopkins


A great product. Gets rid of all unwanted contaminates and works really well on wheels.

Christopher Page


this was the first time for me using purple what a fantastic product I have now used it on both cars and love it purple rain definitely a must have

SPS Detailing


Hi John. Thank you for your review. We can always supply you with a new upgraded trigger, please let us know.

Autobrite Direct


I bought my first purple rain product a couple of weeks and was impresses with its results, so much so I ordered two more bottles. However the trigger switch kept jamming on the first purchase and I thought it was a one off. The new order has the same problem though and it makes spraying the wheels impossible once the trigger piston jams. I wont be buying this excellent product again because of such a shoddy dispenser.



Very capable product, perfect on the wheels and small areas but not so much on the whole car due to it's gel formula. Sometimes I wish to get the liquid version instead of the gel one because is not so easy to use on cars panels, so at the end you are gonna waste more product.

Alessio Marino


Very impressed with this it has brought my wheels up a treat getting rid of deposits easily and just needing a slight brush on some of the bigger deposits. I am now not going anywhere else now I have found autobrite.

Colin Faulkner


Great no effort wheel cleaner. Just spray on and stand back, leave for a few minutes and then rinse off.



This stuff works extremely well! It gets rid of most of the contaminates on the vehicle and the wheels and best part is you can actually see it working! And because its ph balanced you dont have to worry it damaging the vehicle or the wheels! Also this is the best version I've used.. Yes it doesn't smell great but much better than most out there.. Highly recommend

Ashley Field


Awesome product. One of the best fall outs I have used and works better if you sing it’s name ?

donald mateer


Thankyou Jamie!

Autobrite Direct


This is a brilliant product it melts away iron easy leaving paintwork, glass, wheels and everything else contaminant free and looking good. It’s really easy to use and would recommend to everyone

Jamie Squire


Its not as bad as some on the market today, we have added our Heaven Scent fragrance in it to make it more pleasant when spraying. Thanks for the review Tom.

Autobrite Direct


Thanks Elliot! Did you sing the tune whilst using it too? :-)

Autobrite Direct


Have used Purple Rain for a number of years now. Very effective compared to others I have previously used, also smells great compared to others!

Elliot dyson


Hold ya nose folks this stuff smells bad.... But it's a must have product as it works so well you can put up with the pong!

Tom Brough


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