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Cherry Glaze is a all-in-one paintwork polish and protectant that leaves your car gleaming.


  • Cherry Glaze will clean, polish, restore and protect your paint
  • Leaves an outstanding finish
  • Use on all metal surfaces inc chrome, alloy and brass
  • Leaves no chalky residue and no mess
  • An excellent all in one polish/restorer that will outshine other polish products


Cherry Glaze is an all-in-one paintwork polish and protectant that leaves your car gleaming. Cherry Glaze has been one of our most popular, talked-about products for years, and certainly does what it says on the tin! Cherry Glaze cleans, removes stubborn oxidisation, cleans chrome and metal surfaces, reduces light scratches, masks light imperfections and protects!

Cherry Glaze has been specially formulated to enhance the appearance of your pride and joy! Cherry Glaze has a blend of light abrasives to rejuvenate & restore the painted and chrome surfaces of your vehicle,  is packed with the highest quality, purest grade of Brazilian T1 Carnauba Wax to give your car that wet, high gloss protected finish in no time!

Cherry Glaze can be applied to almost every hard surface on your car which includes, paintwork, glass, metal, plastic, carbon fibre, perspex, and even plastic trim. Yes, no chalky residue on plastic trims! Cherry Glaze also cleans and protects your exhausts, polishes aluminium, removes paint transfer and can even remove light scuff marks from plastic trims.

Cherry Glaze can be used by hand or be applied by machine. Cherry Glaze can be applied to warm panels or sub-zero temperatures. Follow up with your favourite Autobrite Carnauba Wax for the ultimate in gloss and protection. Cherry Glaze is one of Autobrite Directs most popular and loved products, A high quality AIO (All in one) product that contains fine abrasives to remove surface oxidation, glazes to help fill minor swirls and defects and a high quality carnauba wax for protection along with the sweet smell of glazed cherries! There is no other like Cherry Glaze!

How to use

Cherry Glaze All In One, is a product that is ideally suited for the individual who wants a quick and easy way to enhance the appearance of their vehicle.
Making sure that the vehicles paintwork is clean and dry apply a few small drops of Cherry glaze to a foam hand applicator pad, such as the AD Branded red applicator pads. For more difficult vehicles Cherry Glaze can be applied using a Microfibre applicator such as the Muscle or the double sided Knuckle Duster applicator increasing the effectiveness of the abrasive. Apply Cherry glaze to a panel in small circular motions, allow to dry to a haze before buffing away with a plush microfibre buffing towel such as the Guv’nor or Mini Reaper.

Cherry Glaze also works extremely very well when applied using a Machine polisher such as Our DA12 using a soft foam black pad. Apply approx 4-6 small drops of Cherry Glaze to your Correct IT black DA12/21 soft pad. Prep your area to be polished and work to a approx 2ft x 2ft square area. Start your DA12 on the lowest setting speed 1 and increase the speed up to speed 3-4, then 5-6 until the residue of Cherry Glaze starts to disappear, then work down your machine down to speed 1 and stop machine whilst the pad is on the surface. Pick up your Guvnor or Mini Reaper  and buff the residue away.

Cherry Glazes easy use formula allows for multiple panel application without fear of difficult removal and is dust free. Cherry glaze can be used on warm panels and can be directly applied to black plastic trim to clean and dress.

A must have in any product collection.


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Excellent product, used with a DA polisher and a little goes a long way. Easy to take off too and leaves a superb shine with a lovely scent to boot



I’m not one that likes to clean and polish the car. I wanted something I could use quickly and works. This is amazing best I’ve ever used. Applies really easily and buffs off to leave a very impressive clean shine waxed finish. My car is sunset orange metallic it’s never looked so new. Used it on the windows too and the water marks wipe off so easily leaving them shiny! I’m buying again!



You only need a small amount of this product, and it goes such a long way! Not a fan of cherry scented things but I don't mind as I love this product.

Chris L


Cherry glaze in my eyes out performs many competitors with ease, I tried the chocolate glaze which of course did an amazing job but there's just something about the cherry glaze that makes the magnetic grey mk5 mondeo's paintwork pop more... This product is very time saving, it does an amazing job at making dull finishes stand out. I've had many comments asking where I had the car polished, which is why I love recommending Autobrite products to folk as imo you can't get better. Well done Autobrite, and especially Kevin for your fast responses via email. Quality products, from a highly reputable company that never ceases to amaze..

Gareth Tait


Smells pretty darn tasty. And goes on like butter!...



Brilliant product. Very easy to use.

donald mateer


Thankyou Dan! Cherry Glaze is so easy to apply and no chalk or dust too!

Autobrite Direct


A great review Thankyou Daryll.

Autobrite Direct


I wanted something easy to apply and easy to take back off which the cherry glaze did! It has added a lovely shine to my car and smells really nice too. Big advantage to this is that is leaves no white dust behind like other products I have used before, perfect!

Daryll Scott


Fantastic product! Smells Amazing, very easy to use and a small amount really does go a long way !

Dan James


Thanks Martin!

Autobrite Direct


Smells lovely and worth every penny! :) Thanks ABD

Martin Gonnella


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