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Our interior detailing kit contains specially selected Autobrite Direct products and accessories to easily and effectively clean your car’s interior surfaces.



  • 1 x 500ml FAB Interior Cleaner
  • 1 x 500ml Pink Sheen Interior Satin Dressing
  • 1 x 500ml Crystal Superior Glass Cleaner
  • 1 x AD branded hanging air freshener (different air fresheners may vary)
  • 2 x Standard Towels
  • 1 x DBS or DBS PRO detailing brush set


This interior detailing kit contains everything you need to clean all the interior fabrics, plastics, and glass. With one of our awesome air fresheners to make it smell beautiful too! Plus all of the detailing accessories you need.

This kit is packed with all you need to make your interiors clean and fresh!

FAB Upholstery Cleaner 

FAB is a powerful, high-performing fabric and upholstery cleaner. This stain pre-spotter removes dirt, grime, and watermarks from all fabrics and hard surfaces. This cleaner will clean all carpets, roof linings, door cards, dashboards, seats, and all plastic trims with ease, with a simple spray and wipe. FAB removes dirt and grime with ease, particularly good on fabric seats when removing watermarks and grime. This fabric cleaner is extremely good on roof linings, at removing nicotine stains and ingrained dirt. FAB dissolves dirt on impact and is ready within seconds to wipe away. RRP £10.00

Pink Sheen Satin Finish Plastic Dressing

Pink Sheen is a versatile, specialist silicone-based cleaner and satin dressing for interior & exterior plastics, vinyl, and rubber surfaces. This dressing with leave a professional ‘as new’ look on your car, and leave it smelling good. Pink Sheen is also ideal for all your cockpit areas such as dashboards, consoles, instrument clusters, and door panels. It also works very well on your engine bay plastics and rubber hoses. RRP £12.00



Vision + is an easy to use glass/perspex/acrylic cleaner and rain repellent. Designed to make cleaning glass, polycarbonate and Perspex surfaces quick and easy while also adding safety enhancing rain repellency to the surface. £11 RRP

AD Branded Hanging Air Freshener

Premium quality air fresheners that last! Simply hang freely inside the vehicle to instantly refresh your car’s interior and fill the cabin with a strong yet subtle fragrance. (included air freshener may vary) RRP £1.50

Microfibre Work Towels x 2- 40 x 40cm300 GSM 

An absolute must for any detailer, a high-quality, yet cheap – multipurpose towel perfect for cleaning, buffing, and application. RRP £3.00


The DBS PRO Detailing Brush set includes 2 soft detailing brushes, ultra soft and perfect for cleaning all interior surfaces. Made from 100% synthetic bristles, this duo of detailing brushes is ideal for grills, badges, and sensitive trims. RRP £18.00

How to use

FAB is used for many interior surfaces and also some exterior surfaces too. Below we have given you some instructions and guidelines on the best way of using FAB.

Interior roof lining – Spray FAB directly to the surface, agitate with a microfibre towel or our interior textured sponge until clean. You may require an additional work towel to remove residue to leave a clean surface.
Interior seat fabrics – Spray FAB directly to the surface, agitate with a microfibre towel or our interior textured sponge until clean. You may require an additional work towel to remove residue to leave a clean surface.
Interior plastics – Spray FAB directly to the surface, wipe with a microfibre towel to leave a clean, dry finish. You may want to follow up with our Pink Sheen to leave your desired look.

We recommend applying Pink Sheen to a microfibre towel for all interior surfaces, spraying any product to the surface will only cause unwanted, wasteful mess. Applying it to a towel will give you precise application and control to create your desired look and finish. However other surfaces you can apply Pink Sheen to the surface and wipe/buff for the desired finish.

Below we have created some recommendations on applications for Pink Sheen. Ensure all areas to be treated are clean and dry. If the area is dirty, reach for Autobrite FAB and clean the surface.

Interior plastics – Spray Pink Sheen onto the microfibre towel – approx 1-2 sprays and wipe the surface, this will leave a lovely matt- light satin finish. Apply more product to the towel to leave a more desirable deep, dark, rich satin finish.

Exterior plastics and rubber surfaces – Depending on the size of the surface, spray onto the surface and wipe/buff for the desired finish, for smaller surfaces spray Pink Sheen directly onto the microfibre applicator and apply.

Rubber matt surfaces – Make sure your rubber mats are clean and dry, apply Pink Sheen to the area approx 1-2 sprays, wipe and buff for your desired finish. Make sure you wipe any excess away, avoid spraying Pink Sheen on any foot pedals.

Make sure all your glass surfaces and clean and dry before applying Crystal. If your glass is heavily contaminated you will need to use our Clear View creme Glass Polish for a more intensive clean & polish.

Some people hate cleaning their glass, in fact many get the whole glass cleaning thing so wrong by using the incorrect products and techniques. So the best way to clean your glass quickly and effectively is to have 2 x Enforcer Glass Towels, one for wiping the product into the glass, one to buff. So here we have some simple steps on how to clean your glass the right way (our recommendation of course).

If your glass is lightly contaminated, spray approx 3-5 fine mists of Crystal onto the Enforcer Glass Towel, or directly to the surface (be aware of getting unwanted product on plastics etc) and wipe the Crystal into the surface. Then pick up your other Enforcer and buff the glass to a crystal finish, done!

Sometimes even when you have cleaned your glass, as you look into the light through the glass you may find some streaks and marks on there! That’s ok, it just needs a 2nd application to remove the remainder of the contamination.


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This kit is amazing. Got everything you need in it. Fab is amazing and smells great as does pink sheen and the air freshener I would highly recommend this product to anyone starting off car detailing got everything you need.

Liam Bailey


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