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Bio-enzymatic cleaner and odour eliminator

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  • Eradicates odours at their source
  • Breaks down biological material
  • Cleans and restores fabric surfaces
  • Can be used in extraction machines
  • Can be used by hand


Magic Carpet+, a biological enzyme cleaner and odour eliminator, removes stains and eradicates odours at the source. Specifically developed to target stains and odours left by organic matter, Magic Carpet+ leaves fabric surfaces looking and smelling brand new.

Moreover, this product is perfect for seats, carpets, headliners, and all things fabric in your vehicle! It cleans everything from general dirt and grime to the most difficult biological stains and odours.

In contrast to many other cleaners that simply mask odours, Magic Carpet+ is designed to break them down and remove them at the source. Furthermore, optical brighteners and a fresh lemon fragrance ensure that all fabric surfaces look and smell fresh.

Therefore, to truly see the power of Magic Carpet+, we recommend using a wet vac extraction machine! Click here to see some recommended carpet cleaner/extraction machines that work perfectly with Magic Carpet+. Alternatively, for a lighter general interior cleaner, consider using our other interior fabric cleaner FAB.

So, treat those pesky odours now with Magic Carpet+ for a clean and fresh-smelling vehicle interior!

How to use







Step By Step Guide

  1. Hand Use:
  2. Dilute to approx 30:1 depending on the level of soiling.
  3. Spray product liberally onto the surface to be cleaned and agitate using a medium to firm interior brush/carpet brush.
  4. For extraction machines:
  5. Fill the chemical tank with a solution of 50-1 for light soiling and 10-1 for heavy soiling.
  6. Apply using the machine's shampoo attachment, then use the extraction function to remove excess moisture


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