Clean and protect your soft-top roof in one complete kit!

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Clean and protect your soft top roof, prevent growth of lichens and mould and protection lasts up to 12 months!


  • pH neutral formula gently lifts dirt and grime
  • Anti-microbial properties to kill algae, mould, and lichen, and prevent re-growth
  • Safe for regular use
  • Doesn’t remove existing protective layers
  • Hydrophobic coating keeps moisture out of your fabric roof
  • Shield doesn’t alter the texture of the fabric
  • Quick-drying, fluorocarbon-free formula
  • Long-lasting protection for up to 12 months


SOFT-TOP CLEAN & SEAL KIT has been developed to clean, protect, and maintain your soft top, convertible, or cabriolet fabric roof. This dual action set is perfect for both cleaning and protecting your car’s roof by lifting dirt and repelling liquids to ensure your soft top roof stays in perfect working condition.

To keep your fabric roof looking its best, the Fabri-Clean Soft Top Cleaner is made to lift grime and prevent a build-up of moss and lichen. The pH neutral, anti-microbial formula contains a blend of water softeners and detergents to gently remove dirt and grime without damaging your fabric roof or breaking down any existing protective products. The formula penetrates deep into the fabric to kill any mould or bacteria that could develop over time.

To keep your roof looking cleaner for longer, Fabri-Shield Soft Top Sealer keeps unwanted moisture out of the fabric for up to 12 months. This sprayable water-repellent coating is designed specifically for soft top roof fabrics. This is to stop rain, splashing puddles, and other unwanted liquids from penetrating the roof or staining or fabric. It contains active ingredients that allow the sealer to penetrate deep into the fibres of your roof without reducing its breathability, so you can keep water out while allowing air in.

The Soft Top Kit also comes with an applicator pad and an all-purpose scrubbing brush, so you’ve got everything you need to clean and protect your soft top or cabriolet roof.

Kit contains:

500ml Fabriclean

500ml Fabrishield


Applicator Pad


How to use

Ensure the surface is free of loose debris.

Spray Fabri-Clean liberally onto surface and agitate with the brush.

Rinse from top down.

Allow to dry and spray Fabri-Clean onto surface and agitate with foam applicator.

Repeat last step if necessary.


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Fabri-Clean, is super easy to use with the Multi-Purpose Brush. With little to no effort it will foam up and attack all the grime that has been built up on your soft-top.

Fabri-Shield is a spray-able, water-repellent coating suitable for use on all fabric surfaces but specifically designed for automotive fabrics used in convertible and cabriolet roof construction.


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