When to get your Car Valeted

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As detailing service providers, we get asked a lot of questions about when the best time of year to detail or extensively valet a vehicle. We always recommend vehicles should undergo regular car valeting at least every four months, which lines up well with the changing of the seasons in the UK. The main reason we recommend this time scale is partly because the typical wax coating on a vehicle lasts for up to four months and once this has depleted, the changing weather patterns can wreak havoc with the paintwork!


To avoid the deadly effects of winter, car valeting services should be booked in before the end of autumn and the start of winter to protect the vehicle from early frosts. In most cases winter is associated with saltier conditions, with grit spread to prevent road surfaces from freezing and mixing with rainwater, vehicles are more likely to develop rust and have the clear finish of the paintwork damaged in this season. Since the temperatures during autumn, motorists can capitalise on the conditions and add an extra layer of protection to their vehicle by booking in for car valeting services.


Summer is the busiest season for most people, with holidays, sporting occasions, and other activities, vehicles tend to get a fair share of the merriment and heavy usage. Whether it’s the interior that needs a tidy up after spilled drinks, picnic crumbs and muddy footprints have found their way inside, or the exterior why have to put up with the tree sap, bugs, droppings, and harsh UV rays, car valeting services at this time of year can help take care of your vehicles appearance and integrity. It’s best to have your car valeted at the start of spring, before the temperature rises too much and after the winter, and then again at the end of summer before autumn.

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