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Ceramic Shield Ultra Spray Wax provides a slick glossy feel, incredible water behaviour, and a deep wet-look shine. Whilst making your car look good, it leaves a durable protective layer once cured.


  • Super High gloss
  • Durable ceramic infused protection
  • Extremely hydrophobic
  • Easy to apply
  • Refreshing mint fragrance
  • 30+ applications per bottle
  • Durable for up 3 months. 


Ceramic Shield Ultra hybrid spray wax

A hybrid spray wax, Ceramic Ultra Spray Wax, has proven itself to be a versatile and durable product. Easy to use, and creates exceptional gloss and water behaviour.

Ceramic Shield Ultra Hybrid Wax is suitable for all paint types, exterior plastic trims, and exterior rubber surfaces. It provides a slick glossy feel, incredible water behavior, and a deep wet-look shine and leaves a durable protective layer once cured.
Its ‘easy-to-use formula’ allows you to achieve a ceramic-like look and feel with the ease of application of traditional spray wax. A little goes a long way, and using sparingly makes application a breeze.

500ml bottle provides 30+ single applications. Durable for up 3 months.

Chemical Resistant Trigger included


Frequently asked questions…

What is Ultra Hybrid Wax

Ultra hybrid wax is the culmination of intensive research and development, combining the advantages of multiple different technologies present in some of our other products. It contains the ceramic and wax properties of Ballad ceramic paste wax with some of the hard-wearing temperature-resistant properties of our Blendz wheel sealant all combined in an easy-to-use sprayable wax.

How long do I let it cure?

Ultra Hybrid Wax does not require a curing time at the point of application.
There is a curing time of approx 1 hr between coats and 12 hrs before exposure to moisture.

What is the best way to maintain my vehicle after application?

For regular maintenance of the vehicle after the application of Ultra Hybrid Wax, we recommend using Ceramic infused shampoo for your regular wash. 

Can Ultra hybrid spray wax be applied over existing sealant products?

Yes, Ultra hybrid spray wax can be applied over an existing layer of sealant to add extra gloss as with traditional wax, while offering more durability and hydrophobicity.

How to use

Usage instructions

Prime a Ceramic Shield Microfibre Applicator with one spray of Ultra Spray Wax to moisten. On a clean, dry surface, apply one small mist directly to the surface, and spread in a criss-cross pattern over an area no larger than three feet square. Spread until the product begins to haze and evaporate, and an even coverage is achieved (approx. 10-20 seconds). Use sparingly – less is more!
Buff off excess using a short pile microfibre towel using consistent pressure, turning the towel frequently.
Alternatively, for a quick and easy application over existing protection, apply one mist to a short pile microfibre towel, spread evenly in a criss-cross pattern, and buff off excess using a second towel.

Detailers tip

Our in house detailing team recommend two layers for the first application, then topping up after a maintenance wash with the two-towel method as and when it is required.
Two layers should provide 3-5 months of protection and optimum gloss. Can be layered over MagiSeal for the ultimate in protection and gloss.
There is a curing time of approx 1 hr between coats and 12 hrs before exposing to moisture.

High impact panels may see reduced protection and require additional applications depending on mileage.


Important information

  • Do NOT apply Ultra hybrid spray wax to hot panels or in direct sunlight
  • Do NOT over apply product ! Less is more !
  • Do NOT store products in direct sunlight or in excessively cold temperatures
  • Do NOT apply this product to vehicle windscreens


Mainland UK

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I applied this to add a hydrophobic si02 ceramic coating after using the cherry glaze all in one polish and the pair work wonders together. I'll add a coating once a month to keep the protection topped up. We'll done Autobrite!



Used the A.B.. Ceramic Shield ultra hybrid wax two weeks ago for the first time I was blown away …. Amazing depth of colour, so easy to use, a little goes a really long way, my car has Velvet red paintwork it pops n sparkles like I’ve never seen before it’s only a couple of months old but the colour just pops & the colour depth is breath taking …. Cheers All @ A.B … ?

Declan Murray


Just finished my car with this after a top up layer of Magiseal. Even after 1 coat the platinum white popped like brand new but after 2 coats it is dazzling. Fantastic product and will be my go to for a long time to come!

pelham temple


What can I say words doesn’t do it justice. Less is more as per the instructions on the demonstration video. I applied two coats at the weekend in preparation for the winter and the beading water behaviours is unreal.

kevin heath


Thanks for your review Martin.



Absolutely Fantastic product! Easy to use, leave for a bit and wipe away, easy as that! Thanks AD!

Martin Gonnella


Thankyou Christopher!

Autobrite Direct


Excellent product! So easy to apply and remove, A little goes a long way and leaves a super glossy finish with excellent water beading.

Christopher Page


Thnakyou Paul! Superb product with cracking gloss and fantastic protection!

Autobrite Direct


Well been looking at this for sometime but finally got my order in and wow you really don't need a lot and the final results are definitely worth the money. Would definitely recommend this product.

Paul Farrow


Thankyou Mike! We love the Ceramic Shield Range! You should try the Magiseal & Ceramic Infused Shampoo.

Autobrite Direct


Fantastic product! Easy to apply and buffs of with ease. Love the mint fragrance and epic water behaviour.

Mike Evans


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