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  • Micro abrasives remove light swirls and abrasion marks
  • Cleaning agents remove bonded grime and residual waxes
  • Prepares paintwork for wax or sealant application
  • Promotes cross polymer bonding with waxes to enhance performance


Enhance is a revolutionary product designed to elevate the appearance of vehicles by providing an instant and brilliant shine. Specially formulated for quick detailing and touch-ups, Enhance acts as a versatile solution that enhances gloss, depth, and vibrancy on a variety of surfaces. This product is perfect for car enthusiasts who want to effortlessly rejuvenate their vehicle’s look in between full washes and detailing sessions.

With Enhance, we have struck a balance between convenience and performance. This innovative formula not only imparts a stunning shine but also acts as a protective layer, helping to repel water, dust, and contaminants. The ease of application makes it ideal for use on paint, glass, chrome, and even plastics, ensuring a uniform and dazzling finish across the entire vehicle. Whether used after a wash or as a quick pick-me-up before a car show, Enhance is a testament to our commitment to producing products that excel in both form and function.

Enhance offers a solution for those seeking a rapid way to achieve a showroom-worthy look without compromising on quality. By combining shine-enhancing properties with protective benefits, this product streamlines the process of maintaining a stunning vehicle appearance. Enhance serves as a testament to the brand’s dedication to providing practical and effective solutions, making it an indispensable addition to any car care routine.

Enhance is a micro abrasive polish and paint cleanser, designed to rejuvenate tired paintwork by removing residual grime, oxidation, and light clear coat defects such as minor scratches and abrasion marks. Enhance contains no fillers, glazes or waxes and as such can be used together with your regular protection products.

Suitable for both hand and machine application Enhance offers a great finish on any paint type.

When used as a pre wax cleanser Enhance can form a cross-polymer bond with our other wax products to increase your waxes performance.

How to use

Enhance is suitable for application by hand or by machine polisher.

Hand Use

Ensure the vehicle is clean and dry before application.
Apply 3-4 pea sized amounts of Enhance to a micro fibre applicator and work into the paintwork using light/medium pressure and circular motions.
Enhance does not need to be left on the surface after application and can be removed using a plush buffing towel such as the Guv’nor.
Due to the nature of the product we would recommend application to no more than 3 panels at a time before buffing the product to ensure ease of removal.

Machine polisher

Ensure the vehicle is clean and dry before application.
Apply 4-5 pea sized drops to a soft foam polishing/finishing pad.
Work the product using a low to medium speed (3-4) over a maximum area size of 4ft square to ensure maximum product effectiveness.
Apply to product to one panel before removing with a soft buffing towel.


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