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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Polishing Your Mountain Bike

If you’re a mountain bike enthusiast, then you’ll know there is nothing quite like the thrill of exploring the great...

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Mastering Car Cleaning Like a Pro: Top Tips from Autobrite Direct Detailing Experts

Keeping your car clean, protected and preserving its paintwork and trims not only enhances its appearance. But this also helps...

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Understanding the power of detailing brushes when cleaning your car 

When it comes to getting great results when cleaning your car, attention to detail is key. While a good quality...

Using Detailing brushes when detailing your car
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Removing Bird Lime from Your Car’s Paintwork

Bird lime can be a real nuisance for car owners. Causing unsightly stains and potential damage to paintwork. But unfortunately,...

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The Autobrite Direct Foam Lance: Taking Car Washing to the Next Level

When it comes to car washing, achieving a pristine, showroom-worthy finish is every car enthusiast’s dream. With advancements in technology,...

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Scented Car Snow Foam from Autobrite

Keeping your car clean and looking its best is important for many reasons. Mainly because it helps to maintain the...

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How to safely remove contaminants from your car’s paintwork

Your vehicle’s paintwork is the first line of defense against external contaminants. These can include tar, brake dust, and other...

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How to Clean your Soft Top

Soft tops are a popular choice for convertible cars because of their sleek look and the freedom they offer drivers...

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Product Spotlight: The AD Ceramic Car Range

Ceramic-infused car products have recently gone viral! And with good reason… these car products provide outstanding protection for your car’s...

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Hydrophobic Car Products: What are they & should you invest?

Hydrophobic coatings provide a ‘water repellent’ seal on a vehicle. They’re great for ‘repelling’ water and dirt, which can make...


What is Car Shampoo?

Car shampoo is a cleaning product for a range of vehicles. It provides great cleaning results, removing the last layer...