A powerful pre-wash Snow Foam that cleans but wont affect your wax & coating protection!

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Autobrite Direct and Magifoam are synonymous with each other and have been since 2005! As one of our flagship products, it remains one of our best sellers today, and not without good reason. This snow foam wash creates a stable and thick lasting foam that won’t damage a wax or sealant coating but lifts away dirt and grime in a matter of minutes.


  • Powerful active cleaning agents
  • Stable dense foam – dwell time of up to 30 mins
  • Wax and sealant safe, Ideal for all year round cleaning
  • Very economical
  • Cherry scented


Magifoam Snow Foam is one of our best-selling pre-wash products for a reason. It’s been around since 2005 and has proven time and time again to deliver excellent results.

Magifoam creates a thick blanket of snow foam that clings to your paintwork and encapsulates dirt, debris, and road grime. This lifts the dirt safely away from the paint, reducing the risk of swirl marks.

Magifoam is LSP-safe, so it won’t harm your existing wax or sealant protection. It also contains a special blend of active cleaners, biodegradable surfactants, and foaming agents that create a stable and long-dwelling foam. This allows the foam to break down surface dirt and loosen it before contact washing.

Snow foam pre-washing is an essential step in the detailing process, as it removes the majority of dirt before the contact wash stage. This helps to reduce the risk of inflicting fine swirl marks and marring.

So sit back and let Magifoam Snow Foam do the hard work for you!



5 Litre products do not include dispensing pumps! These can be purchased here

How to use

Easy to use with our Snow Foam Lance, a quick application will quickly show why this is our best-selling pre-wash. 


The perfect first step to remove dirt and grime, starting from the top of your vehicle and working your way down apply a liberal even coat and let the product get to work.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Pour 100 - 200 ml of Magifoam into a Snow Foam Lance Add water to the desired level
  2. Shake the mixture well.
  3. Pre-rinse your car to remove loose dirt and debris.
  4. Adjust the dial on the lance to the desired thickness.
  5. Start at the top of the car, working your way down
  6. Apply an even coating of Magifoam to all surfaces
  7. Allow the Magifoam to dwell for approx 5- 10mins
  8. Rinse thoroughly


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Not as thick as I'd have liked on the first use, but will need to experiment with dilution ratios. Clearer instructions would 100% help with this, I used an AutoGlym lance and 150ml of product, and topped up to 1L of total solution. That said, does the job of a snow foam, and when combined with a decent prewash it's brilliant!



Best snow foam I have come across. Really thick and clings far longer than any other I have used that work out more expensive when you take in the dilution aspec. Will definalty be trying there other products 😁



really thick and stays on the car for a long dwell time.



Great snow foam, really thick foam that has a really long dwell time. Works a treat removing all the grime! Highly recommend



Love it! Such a good snowfoam!

Will Radcliffe


If you are looking for foamy foam this is the one for you. I've tested them all and this one is the foamiest, but of course, if you want to test all the other brands be my guest, other than the cost to my wallet it was funny lol



Long term user of Magifoam of at least 10 years. Tried others over that time but nothing else compares. Best on the market, hands down!

Philip Derbyshire


The best snow foam on the market this is the best snow foam ever cleaning capabilities so easy to use threw there snow foam Lance I recommend to everyone

Jason west


Just changed to this from quite a well known make. Didn’t require much product the foam clings for longer and when it was rinsed with the power washer the car was far cleaner.



This is THE BEST snow foam on the market! You have to try it, it removes a huge amount of dirt of your vehicle and clings for a long duration compared to other brands giving you enough time to start filling your buckets and to go round with a detailing brush.



best snowfoam on the market, its so thick and strips all that initial layer of grime and dirt. definitely a 'winter foam' for me and superfoam for the summer months

bradley holmes


best snowfoam on the market, its so thick and strips all that initial layer of grime and dirt. definately a 'winter foam' for me and superfoam for the summer months

bradley holmes


Definitely would not go back to anything else after using this , I’m a massive fan of your products keep up the hard work guy’s best on the market highly recommended ???



I tried the Magifoam for the first time today (it came with the snow foam lance) I was really impressed with the thickness of the foam and the clingability (is that actually a word lol) After covering my Qashqai I went back in and made a cup of tea, the foam was still clinging after I'd finished my drink. You could see the dirt/muck sliding off the car and onto the ground, especially from under the wheel arches. I was so impressed that I've just tried to order 5 Litres but its out of stock.



Coming from bilt hamber autofoam to AB magifoam I expected it to struggle in comparison. Well how wrong was I! Magifoam is without a doubt the BEST snow foam I’ve ever used. So thick and clingy, not gimmicky with crazy fragrances, it just does what it claims to do and does it really well! I’ve just restocked with another 5litres!



The best snow foam I've tried until now. Super foamy, fast acting and dwelling time is awesome. 200ml + 400ml of water and winter ❄️ is never been so close on your car. Super good ???

Alessio Marino


Bought the snow cannon and a 500ml kit and it's fantastic through my karcher k2 power washer, I wet the car then apply the snow foam leave 20mins and agitate leave 5 mins and wash it off from the top down and the car comes up with a brilliant clean look, definitely recommended



Best foam on the market! Used it on all 3 of our cars from a newish xtrail to a 15 year old Z4. Same result EVERYTIME! Cleans away dirt like it was never there! Add a little citrus spray to the snow foam and you have a fantastic 2 in 1 solution to clean your car.



Love this stuff. Best snow foam going

donald mateer


This foam is the best foam I’ve ever used will never change if for another one. Lovely smell and very thick foam and can leave it on the car for a while if weather not to hot giving you time to fill up buckets

Liam Bailey



Autobrite Direct


I've used 3 or 4 different foams now and AD Magifoam is definitely the best all rounder. A good consistency using the recommended dose and excellent cleaning power

Wayne Hadley


Thanks very much Scott!

Autobrite Direct


Simply the best snow foam whatever snowfoam lance you use. Use it as suggested for a really thick foam or use a bit less make it go further and still get a really clean car. The best cling time of any foam I've used, and ive tried a a few!

Scott Williams


Thankyou Sam! Magifoam is superb!

Autobrite Direct


Brilliant for when you need something with a bit of bite and it being very thick is beneficial if you’re going around the car with brushes etc or have other things to set up. Leaves a very shiny finish once rinsed off

Sam Rushton


We love Magifoam! Thanks Steven, we are glad you are loving the Magi!

Autobrite Direct


Thanks Andy! Magifoam gives you all you need in a pre-wash foam and we love it.

Autobrite Direct


Used a few snow foams in the past and this has to be the best, very thick foam which holds onto the car and it's also very good at breaking down/softening the dirt so it can easily be washed off, it's a great first pre wash product

Andy Clarke


Just started using this snow foam, it’s the best I have used, you can leave it to dwell for over 10 minutes, much better than any other snow foam, wouldn’t use anything else now.

Steven Hamilton


The original and the best! We love our Magifoam! Thanks Tom.

Autobrite Direct


The first autobrite product I ever brought, and too this day I still buy it 5 litres at a time... That tells you how good it is. Applied with the Lance you use only a tiny bit, it can be as thin or thick as you want, and it always performs. Highly recommended.

Tom Brough


Great, thick snowfoam! Easily removes grime and dirt - very economical too using the AD snowfoam lance.

Elliot dyson


Thankyou Lewis! Appreciate your feedback.

Autobrite Boss


The best snow foam on the market 100%

lewis shelley


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