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6 Recommended Products from our 6-steps of Detailing Process

If you’ve not checked out our brand-new section on the website, The 6-steps of detailing yet then don’t worry, we’ll...

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Welcome to Our New Website!

Hello and welcome to our brand-new website! Here at Autobrite Direct, we’re always looking for ways that we can improve...


Spotlight on Shampoo

When undertaking some car cleaning there are times where a standard car shampoo just isn’t quite what you’re looking for....

ceramic shield being poured
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How To Clean your Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are the most common type of wheels found on the road today and making sure these stylish aluminium...

applying britegel wheel cleaner to wheel with wheel brush
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The new Ceramic Shield Range by Autobrite Direct

Here at Autobrite Direct, we have long been asked for a ceramic product to add to our wide range of...

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Important updates for Ad Addicts (Covid)

In light of the recent government announcement, Autobrite Direct is sad to announce we will be CLOSING our shop, detailing...

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A beginners guide to decontamination

One of the questions we get asked a lot is what is decontamination and why should I do it? Decontamination...

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Autobrite and Team Hard Racing 2020 season!

Here at Autobrite Direct, it’s no secret that we have octane in our bloodstreams! All of the staff identify as...

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Autobrite Direct official CAR SOS car care partner

Everyone here at Autobrite Direct loves to watch Tim and Fuzz restore classic vehicles for deserving owners on the hit...

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Sakir Orange BMW M4 Enhancement detail

A few months ago we had this awesome BMW M4 in beautiful Sakir orange with us for one of our...

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Our Guide to Waxing your Car

Many motorists and car detailing enthusiasts have had a bad experience with car waxing which has put them off from...

autograph car wax up close
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How To Use Quick Detailers

Every car enthusiast knows that if you want to maintain the best image for your vehicle, retain the resale value...